Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Today's Shit Show

Somali's spreading tuberculosis in Minnesota.  Yea diversity!

Wolf whistling now banned on college campus.

Chinese students say, "If you can't get into the Ivy League, don't bother with US education."


Anonymous said...

And those without a brain wonder why those with don't want Somalis in this country...

Max said...

Well she has a point though Chinese universities are not better just cheaper. In general I can only compare engineering and here the Asian mindset is a real blocking point.

Anonymous said...

You waste too much energy attacking college. It's the K-12 system that produces the zombies, including the drugging of kids. College is wasted on the college prep study robots.

The Ivy League elites have the ethics of steroid addicted sportsball monkeys. Formal education is meaningless unless you're cheating and playing power politics the entire time. The Chinese get this.

Anonymous said...

Note the tone of the quotes from the Chinese students: shame and personal responsibility. That and a warning to others.
None of this: "the school that scammed me and the government owes me" crap.

David said...

Here is my thoughts on Chinese students regretting studying in the US:

1) Where are their parents and why didn't they research for themselves how much it cost to attend an American university? Especially if they have to go into student loan debt just like American kids do.

2) They tout the Ivy League schools. Haven't these people seen what has come out of the Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, etc? They are pretty pretty bad indoctrination centers just like any other US college.

3) They rightfully complain that quality of their classmates are lower. That is because the American university has long been the big business they hypocritically scorn. Since there are way too many colleges and universities in the US and education propaganda has told kids that they must go to college in order to be successful, at least 95% of American colleges will take anyone with a heartbeat and can sign student loan documents.

4) If you are going to major in a worthless major that has no real world commercial value, it is best that one stays home.

5) American colleges and universities are willing to rip off young people on overpriced tuition multi-culturally. Foreign or domestic, the American college will put you in student loan debt slavery just the same.

6) International student enrollment is down 40%. I guess the word is getting out how awful American colleges are and they are telling their family and friends. I bet that is putting a serious crimp in many universities' revenues.

7) If American colleges is getting a bad rap from the Chinese, then colleges in Britain have a worse reputation if 90% of them are regretting studying in the UK.

David said...

If you attend Tennessee State, you apparently have the right NOT to be offended.

Anonymous said...

"Well she has a point though Chinese universities are not better just cheaper. In general I can only compare engineering and here the Asian mindset is a real blocking point. "

Until math, science, effort, and rigor are outlawed as racist in the states. Oh wait.

I can only compare software engineering. US universities are nearly worthless at this point. Either you learn it yourself or you graduate without any real skills. Classes are merely incidental. The worst part is how many graduates think the pathetic CS curriculum in their classes is anything more than a trivial overview of the simplest concepts in programming. Most couldn't even pass introductory CS classes from the 70's or 80's but parade around like they're Linus Torvalds. I had bachelor's degree holding interview candidates who hadn't even heard of primitive functional programming concepts like map and reduce. Only one of those who had heard of map could implement it. (Trivial for a competent programmer; like asking a carpenter to build a ladder out of 2x4's.) These were fresh graduates from the University of Washington, by the way.

Unknown said...

Instead of complaining that American universities are terrible, it might be better to consider managing your expectations.

Getting "...slightly better English proficiency" is on you, not the system. I see these Chinese kids at my school. They tend to congregate together and rarely practice practical English. I even tried to talk to the group, with little success.

Whose fault is it they don't learn much, again?

Take classes that have practical application in the real world. STEM. Language. Get as good as possible at English. The opportunities are there, if you know how to take advantage of them. If they work hard, these Chinese students will at least pick up conversational English. It's hard to see a downside to that, at least.

Like anything else, college gives you what you put into it.