Monday, October 14, 2019

Texas A&M's "Aggie Achieve" Program: Taking Advantage of the Mentally Disabled

I need you to actually practice critical thinking.

Yes, yes, I know.  You were told by your philosophy professor you're all critical thinkers, now I actually need you to be one so that society may advance.

Do "African American Studies" degrees benefit African Americans?

This is an important question because it tells you who is really your friend and who is a vile contemptible person trying to take advantage of you. On the face of it "African American Studies" degrees would logically be to the benefit of African Americans.  But if you critically think about it, it is the opposite.  Majoring in such a worthless degree does NOTHING to help any African Americans unfortunate enough to earn such a degree.  It does nothing to increase your employability.  It does nothing to teach you an employable trade or skill.  You could learn everything an African American Studies degree offers for free online or at the library.  And the debt one goes into to earn such a degree cripples them for the rest of their lives.  It's an Uncle Tom degree if there ever was one.

Now, let us take the mentally retarded. 

Forget on the face of it people with mental disabilities should not be going to college.  It's a waste of time.  It's a waste of money.  People who are truly mentally disabled need training programs that help them integrate into the real world as much as they're capable and help so that they don't end up homeless or wandering the streets.  But would a 4 year program (that doesn't even result in a degree by the way) be the best way to help out the mentally retarded?  Or, like an African American Studies degree, it's just an elaborate way to make money on a group that is already disadvantaged.

The answer is obviously the latter.

Still, Big Education know no lows and is willing to make a buck however it can, and Texas A&M's "Aggie Achieve Program" is just that.  When the value of college degrees is no longer questionable (they're pretty worthless) colleges and universities are becoming more and more desperate to make money anyway they can.  And they've gone so low they're now taking advantage of mentally retarded people (and their parents) all so they can keep their academic coffers going and avoid having to get jobs in the real world.  For the tune of $10,000 A SEMESTER your mentally impaired son/daughter can "become an Aggie" and that's the least egregious of sins this program offers.

I would like to delve into the details of the Aggie Achieve program, but The Great One has done an outstanding job breaking down the details of this scam.  And the $10,000/semester price tag is the least of the insults of this program.  It's such a naked grab for money and abuse of mentally retarded people by worthless academics it should be national news and used as an example as to why all government funding should be cut to colleges and universities, as well as the completely uselessness of the social sciences.

Still, the academics will cowardly hide behind those they're taking advantage of (first children, then women, then minorities, now the mentally disabled).  And the low IQ sheep of America will not be able to make that critical distinction between helping mentally disabled people versus taking advantage of them.  And anybody pointing out the Aggie Achieve Emperors have no clothes will be accused of some kind of "ist" or "ism."  But I don't care.  This needs to be highlighted and The Great One's take down of Texas A&M's disgusting abuse of the mentally impaired is a must.

Warning - The Great One and his site is a bit harsh to swallow.  You will not agree with him on all things.  But this topic he hits on the head.


Spirit_of_the_bayonet said...

I assume a person has to be mentally competant to qualify for a loan. Nobody is loaning a downs syndrome kid 80K. The kid's parents are forking over the cash for this ridiculous-ness.

LJ Lyon said...

Nahh he's not that bad. Don't be afraid

A Texan said...

You need to write this up to Linked In. The women especially were gushing over the post about it.

This is right up there with worthless jobs like 'director of duh-versity and inclusion'.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

"Now, let us take the mentally retarded."

Ah, yes, it's a boring day, and you have nothing to do ...

Shall I suggest a pleasant diversion of taking REEEEEEEEE-tards to the zoo?

As self-serving acts of charity go, this one's considerably kinder than taking their parents for at least eighty grand.