Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Hour Long Rant (and Solution to) the Student Debt Crisis

Ended up doing an hour long video rant for Asshole Consulting which cost me my voice.  So unfortunately there will not be an Older Brother podcast tomorrow, but this will have to suffice instead.

Share with any young person about to head off to college, a young person in college, or parents of children who are about to go off to college...that assumes they'll listen.

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jay said...

I actually watched most of this. You are somewhat between irreverently funny and a truth teller. Actually both. (I did a spit-take at 35:00....you gotta wipe that........LOL

We have to figure out how to bring your shtick nationwide. Maybe besides dudes who are river guides.

There has to be more $$$$ than just dickwad incels sending questions a la modern day Ann Landers.......

I mean...your stuff could easily be on all the normie Fox shows......