Monday, October 07, 2019

The Older Brother Podcast #61 - The "Ranting Chad" Episode

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tdcommenter said...

Godd episode. Some of the most entertaining podcasts are bellyaching, like The Great One's work rants.

Here are a few thoughts on Elkin's:
1. It may help to test drive a bookkeeping app or service yourself and recommend one to your clients. There are many people who can use apps, but consider sitting down at a computer to be a major chore. Just being able to do it on their ever present phone may cut down on this a little bit.
2. The annoying wannabe client may be unconsciously testing your boundaries. It may be a reflex to see if someone is going to be an "asshole" from his perspective. Outside of his frame, that "asshole" just wants him to keep his commitments. It may be a sign of a feminized society where men are not expected to keep their commitments, so relationship shit-testing abounds to lower standard for themselves. Of course, they expect other people to maintain higher standards.
The countermeasure is exactly what the Cappy prescribed, create upfront cost to test their level of commitment and raise your price.