Thursday, October 03, 2019

Business Degrees as a Percent of Total Degrees

In other words at least 20% of degrees are worthless.


Paul Chappell said...

Interesting, at least to me working at a University... I would have put the % at something lower, but UIUC is a fairly big Engineering school, so perhaps we present a slightly different focus... I would have also thought it would fluctuate more than this, but...

Anonymous said...

as a business major (from the left side of that graph) I totally endorse this message.

Anonymous said...

Haha I was a UIUC Business Major. I did Accounting, which I guess is acceptable in these circles. I don't think being a Business Major is as bad some people say, but a lot of those majors never learn anything useful at all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to public education, and social engineering, a business major is required to compensate for much of what young people used to learn working "kid" jobs and in family businesses. Today's youth experience neither. Whenever I hear "Illegal immigrants are doing the work Americans will not do" I always correct them. Illegal immigrants do the jobs American TEENAGERS will not do. Look around at you local fast-food venue. It is either retirees or middle-aged adults working.

Trust me on this. A solid business education provides the foundation to be a productive employee or to become self-employed. Granted, a few weeks of mentoring and biz books like The Goal or The Great Game of Business can begin to undue 12+ years of government school indoctrination.

Your books provide a wealth of the same info at bargain prices, but how many will read, understand and apply their principles? I have gifted several, and only once have I seen positive results.

A solid biz degree curriculum includes law ( absolutely essential in our litigious environment), economics, financial and managerial accounting plus finance (a course which should be required before ANYONE gets a student loan.)

Yes, the b-school has some dross... Marketing is the biggest waste as well as strategic planning. That said, you might want to soften your position a biz degree as useless.

Yes, other degrees are more useful, but the business degree fills a gap in knowledge that should not exist. I consider it a basic life skill like cooking and basic vehicle repair.

Trust me on this, the nerds I have worked with have no clue that they work for the OWNERS of the company and that they only have sustainable employment when they produce surplus value for those owners and the consumer.

Common sense to everyone who reads your blog, but not so common in the wild.

Anonymous said...

Implying everyone having business degrees is actually useful.

Busybody business(management / administration) degrees are just as useless as an arts degree. There are a finite amount of positions in accounting, finance, account managers etc. If widgets / services are not being produced then business side of it is moot. Business Management is downstream of production (not counting entrepreneurship) and there is only so much room for money babysitters.

Bring on more technical degrees.