Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Enjoy the Decline California

Communists always have trouble keeping the lights on.

Oh, and by the way.  For all you pro-Californian people, can you please comment below how California is the world's 7th largest economy and how great the weather is again? We always get a laugh about that here.


bischbubba said...

Hey Cappy! Did you know California is the world's 7th largest economy and the weather here is really great? Well it is!

Maniac said...

Now they're saying that the homelessness crisis has gotten so far out of hand that the Beubonic Plague and other medieval diseases are making a comeback.

One of my friends who served multiple tours of duty lives there. I'm worried about her.

Robert What? said...

Communists also never learn from their mistakes.

Mike said...

You're not even kidding.
The real reason that the lights are off in California:

Old Grump said...

Hey Aaron , you must be a very dangerous fellow, because after I linked, (affiliate links, of course!), to several of your books on Amazon from a Wordpress.com site I have had for several years, ( https://awkwarduncle.wordpress.com/ ), Wordpress.com nuked my site, leaving this cryptic message:

"This blog has been archived or suspended in accordance with our Terms of Service."

Wow! I didn't realize your writings had such a powerful impact. Keep up the good work!

How bizarre that Google is actually more tolerant of dissent than Wordpress.com.

CBMTTek said...

But... CA is the world's 7th largest economy...

Primarily because of a few thousand people working in the tech industry. The rest of the economy is in shambles.

Sgt. Joe Friday said...

Back when I still lived in CA, the claim used to be that it was the world's 5th largest economy.

Anyway, what has happened was entirely predictable. Reagan amnestied the illegals in 86 (and he later admitted it was one of the biggest errors of his presidency), the Cold War ended and all the military and aerospace related jobs went poof, as did manufacturing in CA in general. Four consecutive administrations that exhibited a sick degree of xenophilia to one degree or the other finished the job: paradise to shithole in a little more than one generation.

The state I live in now (Idaho) is very different, but not as different as I expected. Boise is a college town, so we have our share of refugees, immigrants, SJWs, and other assorted misfits and parasites. Things function pretty well for now, but I wonder for how long.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

I never cared much for the paranoid social climate, the police state, and the overly commercial aspects of this state
...and I'm talking about in the '70s, '80s, and '90s at that.

California's okay for a visit if you have a few "greens" in your pocket, but it seems far too uptight and formulaic for me to ever seriously consider moving there at any point in time.

Anonymous said...

CA residences should not be allowed to relocate from there, period!!! That's how Socialist cancer spreads!!!!