Friday, October 18, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #312 - The "Don't Eat Before Your Appointment" Episode

A starving Cappy and DT discuss:

Skip breakfast.
Go West Young Man
Everybody wants to murder someone
If everybody was "The Flash"
Dads who fail their sons.
Malinvesting your time in girls when you're younger.

AND MORE!  in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast
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jay said...

Dear Cappy......

Dunno how many of these comments you read, but, nevertheless.....

I agree with 90% of what you say. And while I generally agree with your advice re: superiority of the American West (and I say that as someone who is fixin' to say buh-bye to Orange County, and the entire state of California, where I have lived for all but about 7 of my 60 years).....

The scenic beauty of the West is unparalleled, of course, but be aware that GloboHomo has made huge gains in a number of Western States. Most of the winter sports resorts come to mind, but even formerly sane places like Denver, Santa Fe, even Flagstaff have tipped. Embark on a Recon mission for sure, but I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss Texas, Arkansas, and some other places in the SE. have a lot of excellent observations. But not that many. I dunno why you don't pare down your podcasts to half an hour or so. (I wonder how many are listening at the 1:45 mark of this one, for example.) My favorite dissident ( does ONE, ONE hour podcast a week, plus some short daily columns........ I STRONGLY encourage you pay him a visit.

All the best............

A Texan said...

We are going to need a lot of helicopters.....