Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Familyless Life Men are Forced to Have

Probably one of the best podcasts I've heard this year.  The author uses the word "Sterile Life" but I didn't want that to be confused with "sterilization".  Regardless, the point still remains.  A must listen to podcast this weekend.


'Reality' Doug said...

First, read the warning label: "I’ll tell you the conclusion right now. There is no solution." I think I'll pass, having already become the genius in my mind that I understand the podcaster is in his. Plan B, don't look too much and work on the immediate, proximal here and now. Let the sacred flames or organic process do as they please. The better survivors will be patriarchs. And now, I'm instead going to do something else I don't want to do. Toodles. (Btw, the top definition of toodles on Urban Dictionary is hilarious.)

Red Pill Wisdom said...

Just as being alone can either be 'loneliness' or 'solitude', so can being 'familyless' be a problem or an opportunity.
I was famlyless when I was young, and I've not regretted it; it was tough and could be lonely at times (lousy things they can be, hormones), but it gave me opportunities to indulge myself in hobbies and past times that ordinarily I couldn't have. I got chances to do all of the things that I wanted to do when I was a teenager: take flying lessons and become a pilot, skydive, and scuba dive. I also went into the military (possibly the best decision of my life) which also gave me the opportunity and the money to learn scuba diving, as well as some martial arts.
Every man should be able to do the things that he has wanted to do (as long as they're legal and do no harm to others, of course), so when life drops opportunities in your lap, grab it with both hands and GO FOR IT.
Modern women (in a nutshell) have made liabilities of themselves and their court system has weaponized relationships and families, so a man would be wise to do a cost/benefit analysis before engaging in any form of interaction with them.

Robert What? said...

I gave him 20 minutes waiting to hear something that made me want to listen more. So then I stopped.

'Reality' Doug said...

I will share for completeness that I listened to the whole podcast. I've gone to that dark place and darker. One thing he said stung a bit, but that's just my weakness leaving the body. More field self-conditioning. Cappy Cap as my dad? I would have been a great man. I will still analyze our world from my bottom perch. I will still attempt my best long-shot guesses, working at a pace most salutary and having that partial victory of movement itself. Good to know that my thoughts are largely confirmed, but then the audacity to believe in your own ability to add 2 plus 2 as 4, what a catch-22 paradox. When you have it, you don't exactly need it. That's why the State took over fatherhood. Damn them mental butchers.