Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Older Brother Podcast #63 - The "Red Pill Frontiers" Episode

When the world forcibly retires you from youth.
English majors are still worthless.
"Why Can't I Find a Man"
Red Pill Frontiers
You can have children EASILY into your 60's.  YOU GO GIRLZAS!!!
Cappy's and Chad's greatest mistakes
The Great One's Cripplingly depressing podcast.
Borderlands 3 gets Round House Kicking Chick Cop Woke
Men deserve better than single moms
Walk away from fights
Skip high school. Get your GED at 14.
You know who cares about you?  NOBODY!


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A Texan said...

When it comes to education, don't waste time with a PhD even in STEM. Way too many of them being produced and not enough jobs in academia to go around nor in private industry. I have an advisor from my graduate program that get dozens of resumes for a single faculty position. If you are independently well off, I guess it's ok, but don't expect much of a payoff.

Speaking of education, I saw post from the Texas Education Association. It amazes me how many of these people, men and women, have all these worthless educational doctorates or masters in public administration. None can probably answer why I pay property taxes for a school system that in my community actually lowers my property value. This is nice work scamming the system if you can get it. This where being a libtard arts major can pay off, but there are probably limited slots.

John Rockwell said...

What happened to Bernard Chapin?