Monday, October 21, 2019

Why Women Won't Marry Tradesmen

Because they're not good enough for our precious American princesses!


CBMTTek said...

Wow... reminds me of a good friend's attitude.

She had a guy that owned his own HVAC installation and repair company that wanted to date her in the worst way. (And, she was not exactly a 10...) But, nope. In her mind he was just "an air conditioner repair man." (This guy was probably making over $250K a year as the owner of this company.)

Instead, she pursued a relationship with some FBI guy that treated her like a doorknob. Title was more important to her than.... well, than pretty much anything else.

Tucanae Services said...

I have to agree with CBMTTek. In a prior life I did a real estate gig for a couple of years. I quickly came to the realization about women:

1/ They prefer status AND money first. Which surprisingly in the US one comes with the other in large part.

2/ They prefer status OVER money if the money is slim. It is why women will marry a thrice divorced doctor with not a pot to pi$$ in but goes to all the right places with all the right people.

3/ They will ACCEPT money if there is plenty of it. Which is why women will grudgingly marry a plumber if it is a thriving business and he ain't turning the wrenches.

A golddigger will work the list in about the order listed.

LJ Lyon said...

Any trade is where young men should be looking for work.

1. You make more money.
2. You will stay physically fit.
3. You will be surrounded by men.
4. Most superficial sluts will leave you alone leaving your attention to worthy woman. (although it's changing now. It seems the young guys in the field are swimming in hot tail.)

A Texan said...

Women are whores?

DLT said...

Most women will either ignore this, disbelieve it if they even hear it, and if they do listen, vehemently disagree. The only thing good about that is it makes it easier to identify them. They make choices that will make them miserable.

When I hear the bleating cries of “there's no (good) men left!” it is difficult to dig up a crap to give. A man could be a decent husband as a trademan, but he'd be an absolute fool to consider a woman so deluded and petty as to fall prey to the idea that some panty waste in a cheap suit with that all important document of debt would be a better father, husband, protector and provider just because of that.

Also, a good man looks out for his children's future. The mother of his children ought to share his values to a large degree- else chaos will ensue. The question is, “would I trust this woman with the caring, nurturing, education, and if necessary defense of my kids?” That sort of woman is increasingly rarer than an honest politician, or an undiscovered classic car hidden in a barn somewhere. Sure, they exist. Your odds of finding one are very small. Next to nonexistant if you aren't looking hard and in the right places.

Sam said...

Humans are dumb. My guy owns a small handyman business. He uses his skills to fix my house. He’s 20 years older, 5’4” and Asian. Makes me laugh and always tries to make my life easier. He doesn’t look good on paper or on a bank statement. Yet he’s the best man I’ve ever known and after 2 years I’m still so happy he’s mine.