Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Cappy's Final Health Update

Good and final news everyone.

If you did not know, the Ole Captain had a health scare that lasted just shy of 2 months.  It originally started as something potentially wrong with my liver/gall bladder/pancreas/right side/area, to them finding a growth on my liver, to finding out that growth had been then since I was born and it was nothing, to "are you sure there's nothing wrong with my liver," to "what the heck is this feeling on my side then?"

After a CT scan, an MRI, and a final ultrasound, it turns out everything is perfectly fine (especially my liver, apparently it's in excellent shape, which is almost a miracle enough for me to believe in divine intervention now).  And after experimenting with my diet, cutting out coffee and caffeine, as well as avoiding stressful situations, it is most very likely an irritation in my digestive track triggered by stress and acidic foods/drinks.

If I avoid traffic, misbehaved children, and Minnesota dumbasses in the left lane, as well as coffee, I feel perfectly fine, and will slowly be ramping up my production from 75% back to 100%, but never again to the 150% I was running at before.

Consequently, my book "How Not to Become a Millennial" will be delayed into December, possibly January as I will be taking a less-aggressive writing schedule to finish it.  I also have decided to write a short essay as timing demands it be written now which will further postpone the book.  I will still try to do two podcasts a week, but will be taking the occasional day off if need be to either rest, calm down, or work on other projects.

Thank you for all your support, e-mails, kind words, mockery, ball busting, and ridicule.  And special thanks to all my family, loved ones, friends, and Piggott.



sassed1 2many said...

Glad the scare was just a scare. We are still desparately in need of a$$ho1e consulting. Far too many single mom raised boyz. BTW, the liver is the only organ that can completely regenerate itself. That's what I heard anyway

'Reality' Doug said...

I may be going through something similar, a pain the doctor could not diagnose with confidence. I am back to coffee addiction again, damn it, but it's not all misery like it was when I got off of it, had to. Should now but it's back to short term output gains. You may face a similar temptation. I almost went a month straight, and I still need my morning coffee. And you see how well I'm getting to sleep, ha.

Stress is stress, and there's no way humans, real humans, can't find this dehumanizing decline not chronically stressful. Makes me wish I were so base I could enjoy the decline naturally. Ignorance is bliss. Cows are more aware of going to the slaughter than most Americans. The cleansing fire Roosh talked about is finally here. Meanwhile, we got challenges. Hope you take it easy and can afford to. My efforts have not been rewarded. I am compelled to keep trying just to stay busy, but it ain't fun. That's a good reason to work I think. Chasing future success given my results has lost its savor. You know what you're worth and can have. Age has that advantage, and we need it without youth. Funny how I have a laundry list of health issues and single items on it would have had me panicking ten years ago. What's it all mean anyway?

Tucanae Services said...

Well that is good news.

Take it from a boomer who has been there. 150% for no longer than 3 weeks max. After that a period of downtime is needed for the ole bod. If you are like me and still crave the 'hot toddy' to get the day started try ginger tea -- I prefer tupelo honey as the sweetner, half teaspoon.

Best of health to you.

ws1835 said...

Good to hear.

I knew you were too tough of an a$$hole to get knocked out early....


Post Alley Crackpot said...

Iron and TIBC testing screens, get this done, find a "walk-in" lab you can pay with cash or online since your GP may have done fuckall about this ...

Yank doctors have this absurdly proprietorial attitude when it comes to your medical records, and so you might not know what they tested to precise details.

Everything you described sounds like there could be hidden mild to moderate anaemia, and as you may discover with a quick reading of PubMed, it's very much under-diagnosed.

Even the way you're now avoiding coffee and cortisol-yankers sounds like this could be a thing.

This pair of iron testing screens usually costs under 40 USD by paying 100% out-of-pocket.

How's that gall bladder holding up?

Hopefully you don't have a GP who loves making gall bladder removal referrals.

Taurine OTC is a bit more gentle than ox bile salts, should this come up, but I've seen people arrive at an A&E screaming from burns caused by bile salt shits.

So there's an interesting experience you may yet get to look forward to! :-)

Carl H. Hopf said...

Cut out coffee? I'd be dead. I need 90 mg/kg body weight to run my personal M/ARA and hit transwarp on a daily basis. I can cut down, sub in matcha and green tea, but much like the fremen and the navigators of Dune, "the spice must flow"

So glad you are ok, as there is a whole generation that needs your wisdom and guidance. Continue being a benevolent leader in the royalty of the manosphere!

to your health, captain!

Karl said...

Scary. Glad it turned out ok. Get back to 150% - it won't feel right otherwise.