Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Question for Our Swedish Agents in the Field

Howdy All,

Trying to find how men and women vote in Sweden based on polls, research, etc., but for the life of me I can't find anything.  It's almost as if the Swedish government/media doesn't let it get out, or they just don't do any polling in the first place.

If anybody in Sweden (or anybody who happens to know where this data is) can provide links in the comment section below I would appreciate it.




Swed said...

Sweden loves statistics as long as they are not inconvenient, thus, no up to date statistics for migrant crime.

This is a bit old but see last chart:


C: Swedish right, but still liberals. Almost as bad as the greens.
FP: Swedish right, but still liberals.
M: Swedish right, but still liberals.
KD: Swedish right. Cuckservatives.
S: Socialists.
V: Communists.
MP: Greens. More crazy than the communists.
SD: Nationalists.

Anonymous said...

Scroll down to see the poll
M - Moderates - sort of the traditional Swedish right wing party, not very right wing.
S - Social Demokrats - historically the ruling party, they are very left wing, and fast becoming more so.
SD - Swedish Democrats - wants to keep Sweden Swedish, sort of conservative, not really right wing in economic questions.
V - Communists
L - "Liberals" - But don't really believe in freedom and is neither left or right wing in a Swedish context.
MP - The environmental party - really left wing, almost as bad as the communists.
KD - Christ democrats - religious conservatives, not very religious or conservative compared to the american equivalents.
C - Centerparty - traditionally the farmers party of choice

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the previous comment, did not read through the question properly. Here are some recent statistics:

cappy fan! said...

Would this help?

I'm thinking the tab "General elections, participation survey" is what you want??

You'll have to play around with it...

Unknown said...

Remember when police were expected to say, "stop or I'll shoot!"

Ah the good 'ole days.

J said...

There is actually quite accurate polling, it is just that it can be hard to find it if you do not speak Swedish. The government bureau of statistics (SCB) creates polls twice a year about how people intend to vote, and they gather data about how people with different genders, levels of education, ages, etc, would vote. You can find it on their website, there you can create a diagram, using the criterias you want to have in it. However, since I am guessing that you are less than fluent in Swedish, I made one for you, it shows peoples opinions between 2009-2015. If you want it to go back further, please tell me and I will make a new one. The link below leads to a table with three parts. How men (Män), women (Kvinnor) and finally, the overall mean (Män och kvinnor totalt) would vote. All the major political parties are represented in the table, I have assumed that you know about them and that you know where they stand on the political spectrum. If you do not, please say so and I will make another comment explaining the different political parties in Sweden. Also, please tell me if you want to look at other categories of voting groups then just gender, such as age or if you are an immigrant. Also, if there is anything that you do not understand about the table, since it is in Swedish, please ask and I will try to clarify.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron,
Don't know what your're exactly searching, but I suggest:

For statistics:
-> Democracy -> General elections -> participation survey

For polls:
Check google with keywords "valet undersökning" for polls executed by media (most of them should also be available in English)

Cheers, Swen

Anonymous said...

you might look at

Anonymous said...

What do you mean how?

Unknown said...

The data your looking for should be Swedish Statistics Authorities website. Contrary to what it may seem they don't try to hide the Gender statistics as far as I'm aware as always including gender-based statistics into genders is a way for the government to take pride in how much they promote gender equality..

Here is what your looking for, this section of Swedish Statistics Authority has broken down Political Party preference after loads of factors such as Gender, Gender + Income, Gender + Socioeconomic status etc:

Here you can find all the other statistics about politics in Sweden:

Anonymous said...