Monday, April 18, 2016

Heather Hackman is a Hack

Showing up on time for class I guess is "white privilege" now too.


Chris Munier said...

Ah, I discovered something. Guess where she gets this bullshit? I've heard it before.

Penn and Teller did a Bullshit episode one time on academia and they interviewed a couple of black professors from St. Cloud State (note: the same school Heather Hackman works). One of them called the university a plantation (though he is part of its faculty) while another one did some faux research that suggested blacks could not show up on time to class and that it would be white supremacy to enforce it.

Again, this is coming from Penn and Teller's program; good libertarian assholes in their own right. I highly doubt Hackman did any original work here.

kurt9 said...

If kids can't be expected to show up on time for class, then there is no point in having classes. We might as well shut down all of the schools right now and save the tax payers some money.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Those traits being mentioned as "white supreme" oriented are actually productive and practical character traits for ANYONE to emulate.
They have nothing to do with ancestry, cultural/sub-cultural background, or ethnicity of any kind. They're the kind of practices and character traits ALL individuals should aspire to.
If universally practiced there would be no division between folks of different backgrounds in regards to common ground social/business/academic etiquette.

Faithless Cynic said...

Before I read " Enjoy the Decline" this shit would piss me off. Now I just laugh. The book is better and cheaper than Lisinopril for controlling my blood pressure. I recently was hired for a highly coveted manufacturing job at a world class company AT THE AGE OF 59. So how did this computer challenged geezer outpace the young people? I temped for a year and showed up ON TIME, EVERY DAY and worked AS HARD AND AS DILIGENTLY AS POSSIBLE FOR MY EMPLOYER. I also kept my cell phone IN MY FUCKING POCKET and did not waste hours texting. Now that I am a full time employee, I do the same thing. Is everything ducky? No, I just had a review and was dinged for computer illiteracy and not stopping production early enough for housekeeping. Rather than Fucking sulking, I will do my best to get better.

White Priveledge? I thought it was just buying job security for myself and my wife. I realize that no job is ever truly secure in these days.