Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Authoritative List of Obama's Lying, Law Breaking, Corruption, and Violating the Constitution

Had an interesting request from Asshole Consulting.  A guy wanted me to plug his book.  Said he was offering it for dirt cheap and just wanted to get it out there.  He originally wanted to offer it for free, but Amazon made him charge at least 99 cents for it.

Of course I was "yeah yeah, another author who slopped together a pamphlet and thinks they're going to cash in," but when he explained it was a compendium of all the violations of the constitutions, lies, law breaking, etc. of Obama, I was interested.  And the reason I was interested is because it's a very important list to have in case somebody says, "Oh yeah, precisely what has he done???"

Well, this.

Anyway, the man has put A TON of effort into compiling and citing this list.  If you would be so kind to book mark it, or share it, or at least tell people about it for reference purposes, it would be kindly appreciated.

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