Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Minority Women in STEM

Oops....those damn fathers.  Why are they never available for comment?


faithless cynic said...

I worked in Wilmington for many years, the last two as a meter installer for the local utility company.. Wilmington has been a crime and drug infested shithole since the jobs left in the 1970's. The only reason this made the news is females killing each other is still rare, even in that shithole. This may sound raaaycist, but, the default problem solving method for lower class Black kids Is violence. Most predominantly Black areas have higher murder rates. If questioned, the average Black Wilmington resident and Obama worshipper will tell you that the high murder rate is Bushes fault :-)

Enjoy the decline and avoid Wilmington, Delaware.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get the reference to being a minority in STEM.
Also, where are all the "Black lives Matter" a-holes now?

liberranter said...

Calling a vo-tech school curriculum "STEM" is like calling the assembly of a Molotov cocktail "chemical engineering."

Joe Bar said...

"Howard High School of Technology". There's your STEM.