Saturday, April 09, 2016

The "Texting Killer Girlfriend" Case is the "False Rape Accusation" for Women

If you don't know, the short and sweet of it is that a girl named Michelle Carter is on trial for murder charges as she taunted her boyfriend into committing suicide.

Much ado and hubbub has been made about this, but the ole Captain is going to boil it down to its two most simple elements so you don't waste any more time on it and can move on with your much more important life.

One, the girl cannot (and I predict will not) be charged with murder because the boy had sovereignty over his own decisions and chose to end his life.  He also had the right to ignore the taunts of this veritable cunt at any time.  I desperately want to egg people on who do "suicide attempts" because I find them deplorable attention whores who torture those closest to them, but I do not pull the trigger at the end if they inevitably get serious and actually commit suicide.  Regardless, if the girl is found guilty that now means we are responsible for other people's actions which opens up a whole new can of worms. A can of worms even the most leftist of judges know not to open.

Two, this is the opposite sex-side of the coin of the false rape claim.  We drag boys and men through the courts on false charges of rape, ruining their lives in the process, now we're going to drag an equally innocent (though vile) girl through the legal system and see how she/they (meaning feminists) like it.  Of course, instances like this (where a boy commits suicide and was egged on by his girlfriend) are much rarer than false rape claims, but it does for once provide an example of "shoe on the other foot," allowing us to point and say, "OK, how do you think she feels?"

All that being said, it is nice to see a precious little princess go through hell.  Most men who are falsely accused of rape did nothing more than break up with a girl, triggering the false rape claim.  This girl is an evil sadist who enjoys making other people suffer.  It's good to see her squirm, but she should not go to prison.


SM777 said...

It is good to see her squirm and be publicly humiliated. Yes, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. I hope this case continues into some sort of murder (or contribution to murder) conviction. Let the women take some heat now, they have been asking for it for how long?

If they did not want this, as a group, they would not be asking for it. Yes, I said as a group because of their collectivist mindset.

Let the decline continue, this may just speed it up.

Normal Guy said...

No it's not! False dichotomy. A false rape accusation is an accused lying about an interaction causing a completely innocent party to go through the court system.

The girl not only taunted a boy towards committing suicide but refused to provide any help to get him to stop. She had ample time. She is not innocent. In fact, you, as a person are responsible when you know someone is in danger to at least call the police or get them help, you don't have to directly interfere, but you must do something. You cannot willfully see someone getting raped and not call the police, you are obliged to. If you are not you are committing a crime of omission, which this girl surely is guilty of.

She is guilty, perhaps not of murder but of assisted suicide.

Observasaurus Rex said...

If you yell "FIRE!" in a crowded theatre, you will be held responsible for other people's decision to stamped and trample the 6 year old in their panicked flight out the doors. This is because yelling "FIRE!" is a call to action, ie "Get the fuck out or burn to death you doomed piles of meat!". If you tell someone to go kill someone else, and persuade them (with money, threats, sex, whatever), then you are also held accountable for that person's crime.

Similarly, the cunt was calling the guy to kill himself, over and over. She knew she had (pussy) power over him, and kept nagging and pushing until he did it. That is also a call to action. If a cop does the same thing to get you to commit a crime, the cop gets punished for entrapment. So yes, I will be quite happy if she is tossed in a dark hole for a few years to have her orifices plundered by the orange dyke brigade.

Alex from Australia said...

Not as famous as Monica Lewinsky sucking dick in the White House, but just like her, this one will remain lonely for the rest of her life because of this ill gotten fame. Irregardless of whether she is convicted or not, any sane man will run away from this cunt the moment he googles her name.

Anonymous said...

Cappy is right; this woman should not do time, however, payback is a bitch. This is probably the best social commentary put out since this the inception of this site. It is fairly descriptive and to the point. Thanks for an incredible economy of words and your sensitivity for our time.

michael savell said...

You may think it right to condemn her under "the sauce for the goose"etc but,at the same time you are condoning the d/v laws.We have,in England,a hypothetical case
in a soap opera where the wife stabs and kills a dominant husband.Should we allow spouses to kill each other because the "dominant" one shouts or bullies "the victim"
Under the d/v laws I would expect her to get convicted of manslaughter but we shall see whether the "pussy pass"is enacted or whether intimidation or nagging is going to be punished.

Mark Matis said...

The backstory I have seen says that Ms. Carter had tried to get Mr. Roy to seek psychiatric help when he first started talking about suicide, but eventually gave up. Mr. Carter was also on meds at the time he killed himself. It smells to me like a corrupt prosecutor looking to make a name for himself.