Friday, April 22, 2016

The Molyneux Caller "Sigh"

In my latest podcast episode I tiraded against the callers into Stefan Molyneux's show who, when cornered about their hypocrisy or weakness, exhaust the exasperating and patented "sigh" which drives my blood pressure up.

If you listen to this episode of Stefan Molyneux's show you will find exactly what I'm talking about at 1:09:15 (for the next 10 seconds) and the PERFECT example at 2:30:05 (for the next painful wishy washy 20 seconds after that).

Again, I am a big fan of the Stefan Molyneux show, but I just couldn't let this itch go much further without scratching it.

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Ferret said...

I listened to exactly two of his podcasts several months ago and was turned off by some of the meatheads he had calling in to the show. It was painful to sit an listen to these guys taking an eternity to string together an entire sentence.

I don't know if I'm being too judgemental or maybe I just had the dumb luck to listen in when a few fine products of our modern education system we calling in.