Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to Properly Light and Smoke a Cigar

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Anonymous said...

Just my 2c worth.

You get plenty of nicotine from a cigar, just not in the lungs.

When I first started smoking cigars, I used to feel nauseous, but that was 'cos they are so damn strong. It takes some dedication, but is mucho worth it.

Unknown said...

Liked the fact that you did this with a $4 stick and focused on the draw. I'm 32, been enjoying a cigar about once a month since I turned 18 and had one with my old man. The draw is absolutely critical. Would also like to offer a tip - even if you can't smoke a cigar inside (I typically don't like smoking inside, even in most lounges with smoke eaters) light the cigar inside anyway, then step outside. It's not going to smell up your house any worse than normal cooking and this way you can ensure a consistent light. Also when outside, make sure the wind is to your back or you'll end up inhaling more than you realize. Sounds obvious but even a slight breeze makes a big difference. Couple that with some alcohol consumption and you will feel ill. Great clip.

John Doe said...

I'd suggest pairing a cigar with a glass of Scotch. There is something about the two that makes each better.

Unknown said...

I much prefer to light my cigar with a cedar strip versus matches. They burn longer, smell better, and don't singe my fingers!

Of course, when you want absolute convenience, a good torch lighter is hard to beat. Especially when you know you'll need to light your cigar outside, such as a camping trip or sporting event.

Now, make one of these videos for pipes... A sadly dying art.