Friday, April 29, 2016

MGTOW 101: What is MGTOW?

Decided to rattle the hornet's nest because I was bored.  It's always fun to rattle the cages of the MGTOW theoreticians:


Mr.Fruitbaskets said...

So is it funner now to dunce people in the comments section rather than delete them? They are pretty cute ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL. Brilliant video Aaron. I noticed with a past video you did with a mgtow topic, you received the same vitriolic comments from the mgtow freaks.

I agree with everything you have said regarding MGTOW. How did these freaks destroy this great ideal with crap like "level 1" mgtow and "level 2" mgtow. WTF?

Great explanation of MGTOW Aaron. Listen to your elder kids.

Omega Man said...

While I'm no longer a MGTOW or more accurately a VTOW (Virgin TOW), you should understand the pain that some of these VTOWs have had to endure.

I was the classic computer nerd, worked hard and was reasonably successful, went on trips around the world, but couldn't for the life of me get a date. My entire 20s were a complete wasteland. I had the distinct problem that mothers would love me and try to introduce me to their daughters who wouldn't even look at me. I did have female friends but just couldn't get any romantic involvement with any of them.

The point here is that I was (unintentionalyy) lied to by everyone. "Just be yourself" was the standard line. Well I was myself and no young lady would even look at me.

I'm now happily married with 4 children.

What changed? Well weight lifting for one. Buying a Corvette for two. Dressing sharp for three. That is it. Of course what really pisses me off was that as soon as the babies came along the Corvette was replaced by a Dodge Minivan. My wife said that I no longer needed a "chick magnet" as she was now my hot babe for life.

I would venture to say that the VTOWs either have never been told the truth about what it takes to get a woman, or as you state, are too lazy to do the very hard work of improving themselves to the point where women throw themselves at you.

Having said that, once you are married, you can never let yourself go. You must always be the man, that is stay fit, take the lead, etc... A simpering, doormat of a husband will engender a disrecpect and loathing that not even the most vile rapist could inspire.

Anonymous said...

Cappy, I think you overlook the socio-economical environment we are dealt with.

Whatever opinions people may hold on to theirselves of others, it doesn’t matter.
reality doesn’t care what group you affiliate with, or any linguistic or social contruct you create. People do care in their own interest. You see here a classical example of pretending and deluting the meaning to oblivion. They just want to explain their problems away, because solving would prove their own falsehood.

The real purpose of commitment is to give all men access to women, for virtue. Normally this issue would deal with itself in non-reproduction, instead because virtue is punished now, men are deflecting from commitment. That’s why problems are worsening.

JK Brown said...

"A low-pressure demography means that a society avoids the situation where extra resources are automatically absorbed by population expansion. As Malthus argued, the only force strong enough to stand against the biological desire to mate and have children, was the even stronger social desire to live comfortably and avoid poverty. "

Anonymous said... You know the biggest problem with men? They hold their women to a standard that a government check can't.

Peregrine John said...

Omega Man: Is she still the chick of hotness? Otherwise you are 100% validated in a choice of a new Corvette.

Anonymous said...

Omega Man
You have never been a MGTOW. In reality, you have always been a mangina. And you don't want to admit it.