Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Aspiring Rapper"

Amazing how "aspiring rapper" coincides a lot with "father could not be reached for comment."


Faithless Cynic said...

Simple rules to avoid being killed by the police:

Realize that most cops are roided up, Nazi thugs who hate and distrust civilians. Such people are dangerous since the state gives them a literal license to kill. Many cops get off on beating or shooting people.


When dealing with the police, do not run, attack them, or point a weapon at them. Keep your hands in sight and do as you are told. Say nothing and keep asking for a lawyer.

Do these rules enrage you? Welcome to police state America serf.

SomeRandomDude said...

"Das how it be like in da hood! Ya know wa' I sayin'?"

Unknown said...

Running from the cops automatically implies guilt. Fighting the cops is an automatic death sentence.
Police brutality is real but the best way for actual innocent people to combat true police brutality is to film everything and know ones rights.