Thursday, April 07, 2016

Sugar and Spice

and everything nice.

She shouldn't go to jail or even be in court.  But it is a lesson that every young boy out there needs to realize that, yes, yes indeed, these girls not only exist, but exist at a very young age.


beta_plus said...

She's white, young, blue eyed, blonde, and pretty in Massachusetts - a land not known for its plenty of young lovelies* and lack of tall alphas. I gotta be honest if I had to bet an amount of money that would sting it would be on that she walks. I would like to be wrong.

* maybe young due to all of the colleges, but not lovely

Anonymous said...

Dude says something like "Nice rack" to a girl or even to other dude about some girl or they just found writing on his shirt insulting - shitstorm in media, charges, lost job or money, public enemy. What an emotional trauma he dealt to her.
Girl repeatedly encourages guy to kill himself - it's just words, bro, shrug it off!
Where are all the feminists crying for equality in courts and stuff?

Normal Guy said...

Oh, she should be serving time, if that were a boy who did that, he would be held accountable.

Dwight House said...

Ah, I get it.

If a male criticizes a female for illegal or immoral behavior, he is assaulting her and is an illegal bully.
If a female verbally manipulates an emotionally unstable boy into suicide, it's "just words."

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Frankly, I personally think her boyfriend is responsible for his own death as he still had the power of free will and could of shunned her "advice" anytime.

I will, however, state that this girl is one of the most insensitive, sadistic, and mean-spirited individuals one could ever come across.
Why was that boy going out with her? Why would/should anyone even so much as hang around with her?

rozyczkovincent said...

Sugar and spice and all that's nice? More like blood and guts and all that's nuts.