Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Rant of the Year

Though it is only April:


Jim Scrummy said...

The only thing I can say is Amen. Kid, listen to what the Cappy says, he is 100% right on this. Get your head out of your posterior, because nobody owes you shit, but they can shit upon you, and will if you keep your same attitude.

I've been there kid, probably a helluva lot worse than you, kid. It sucks, but get your butt in gear, because hustle and sweat will win the day every day.

Tucanae Services said...

Well Cappy,

Dumpster diving is turning a profit --

Your other points are well said.

Tucanae Services said...

I might suggest that said 'client' should look into HVAC. Outlook is good and the pay will be lower middle income. A lot CC's offer certificate programs in HVAC, 18 months max.

Anonymous said...

That was hands down the best rant in the history of ranting.

And every word true.

Anonymous said...

Don´t you feel bad for having clients like this?

Unknown said...

Or he could start here: or if you can't figure out how to read a web page - you can just jump right to the meat of it - The Scholarships for trade schools:

Serioiusly, go there.

Unless the kid has shown some solid interest in programming (even doing websites - anything..) then software is not a great option. In my past life a sytems architect, programmer and department director - just no. At this point, there is no excuse for it except profound lack of interest. And "Ohhh Shiny Paycheck" is not semantically equivilent to "I love programming". The world has more than enough halfassed coders, we realliy don't need more.

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