Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Can Smart People Be Happy?

Yes and no.

More details here.


Anonymous said...

What is happiness, does it truly exist?

Anonymous said...

Drugs make you happier and stupider. Draw your own conclusion.

xv1942 said...

Happiness is a state of mind. Difficult to arrive at, but as you say, it is an awakening. Real happiness is rather a calmness of mind which comes from finding the truths of the world. There are a few people here and there with whom one may find an intellectual meeting of the minds. Which is great but rather uncommon. But with acceptance, knowledge of what the world is and understanding of the bell curve distribution, comes an understanding of reality which gains one a calmness and peace of mind. Almost like the Zen Enlightenment of Japanese Zen.
Advancing age will find you spending time in contemplation of God, or the nature of consciousness,or the thoughts of Aristotle or most likely engaging in the great conversation of history's great thinkers. Something truly mind expanding. It is an odd type of conversation where if you want to have a say you will have to write and let posterity judge the value of your contribution. A funny kind of conversation but one that has been going on for a couple thousand years or so.