Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Episode #245 of The Clarey Podcast - Lone Wolves vs. Tribes Special!

Lone Wolves vs. Tribes
When "Blogs" Were the Only Social Media!
Refusing to Give Wedding Gifts.  Only Give Anniversary Gifts.
Somali Cop Arrested...THAT'S RACIST!
College Students Being Stupid...Again
Millennials Killed Toy's R Us?  Nah, Feminism Did.


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1 comment:

YIH said...

''Millennials Killed Toy's R Us? Nah, Feminism Did.'' Can't agree with you on that one.
It was the ''venture capitalists'' that bought it up, saddled it with a gigantic amount of debt that they could no longer cope with - hence, Chapter 7.
While I think iHeart has a good chance to survive, it too is going through the same thing.
As is Sears and Kmart, who will likely be toast before the end of 2018.
It would be nice to blame the feminists, I've love to join you in blaming them, but I gotta be honest, they may have pushed 'em over the edge of the cliff, but they didn't put them at the cliff's edge.