Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How Professors Fuck Their Students

If any of you care to forward this to know-it-all 20 somethings, I'd appreciate it:


Andrea Daley Utronebel said...

Bryan Caplan wants to fuck all nations with globalism.

JK Brown said...

To see the desperation in continuing the scam, look no further than the reaction to the recent announcement in Wisconsin:

"Wisconsin-Stevens Point is shuttering 13 majors, including English, history, political science and sociology while expanding more job-oriented programs." (Outside the Beltway)

They aren't stopping teaching courses in those areas, just not taking majors in them, with the courses aimed at the gen ed for the other majors. But the reaction is as if they are burning books and buildings.

I also recently came across a youtuber (Louis Rossman) who does laptop repair videos, as well as pontifications. One from Oct of 2014 on why kids and then adults don't read, due to how school presents reading had an excellent quote

“Shakespeare did not intend for his work to be used to torture minors.”