Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Give It 5 Years

And the Oscars will finally be where they belong.


David said...

I thought they cancelled the Oscars back in the 1990's. That was the last time I watched that waste of time. Forget about Hollywood spouting off at the mouth about their leftist politics. The movies that has come out for the better part of the past 20-25 years have been that bad in my opinion. Today's best picture wouldn't have been nominated back in the 80's.

Frank said...

2019-2021 on Oxygen
2022-2025 on cable box Ch. 377
Post 2026 on Youtube

DrTorch said...

Let's pretend left wing politics don't matter.

The larger trends are this: these awards shows, the Super Bowl, they're part of white American culture.

As US demographics change so does the culture. And the leftists who make their money from entertainment are going to be dropped and forgotten when all of their new "Americans" show that tribalism was more predominant in everyone but white liberals. Same as Vox Day predicted for the Dem party (and is coming true).

jay said...

Apropos of nothing much....but this comment on an entry in the Zman's blog was bulls-eye....


One of my other favorite bloggers made an observation that may well apply to all this. Quoting almost verbatim:

..... “Women are fascists and socialists by nature. Most are not mature enough to rise above that – and realizing this, the founding fathers wisely deprived them of the vote.”

To the cat ladies of the Huff n’ Blow, they are not stifling rights, they are simply ‘enlightened women seeking consensus’. Nor are they making war on the NRA; they are simply trading freedom for security as women always do. (Those icky patriarchal founding fathers had some nonsense to say about that too). And because they are no longer satisfied by their men that they emasculated, even stinky imported rapists are an improvement over their soy boys. This is how the average liberal white woman rolls. Literally a quarter of them are nuts; something like 25% of north American are on antidepressants. An even larger majority will vote with their emotions. None of this chit would even be a problem were it not for women voting and having a say in civil affairs. Pandora and Eve are going to do what women do.

No, it WILL NOT end well. The blowback has already started. First the Alt Right blossomed in the lower echelons of the white demographics. The more refined dissident right is taking hold in the upper echelons.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind seeing all of Hollywood continue on this trajectory. Hey Jimmy, Hollywood wants to focus on movies that "piss off Mike Pence"? Sounds good, maybe new studios can fire up in Houston that focus on movies Americans want to actually watch. Once that don't involve the communists saving the day in a film where the main character falls for a humanoid.