Friday, March 30, 2018

What Did I Tell You About High IQ's?

It's "science!"

You can't argue with it!

And buy the damn book already!


Anonymous said...

Some low IQ people threaten to kill themselves when deported. Its better than to exploit the tax payers. Huffington sucks for shouting rights for these people

Black Poison Soul said...

And I thought that I was crazy for being a messy bastard.

Already got the book. Excellent one.

Tucanae Services said...

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captain cryptic said...

I got the book. It explains everything. I’m not freak after all.

Unknown said...

I liked the book. The part which impressed me the most was the picture of the elementary school which had a name associated with trees. "Oaks" was in the school name but there were no oaks. Not even any trees.

This was what really got to me. Even when I was in grad school and probably even before high school. I used to think to myself,

"Gee I wish I was out in the country. Learning to build log cabins with my dad".

I hated school. But "good children arent supposed to hate school. And I hated the bullies and other clueless shits also incarcerated along with me.