Friday, March 30, 2018

Why You Never Invest in California

Reason 4,593,920.


Faithless Cynic said...

I am starting to think no one should invest in the USA period. Employers in this country are constantly attacked for PROVIDING JOBS. For example, between 1987 and 1990 I worked in manufacturing. My lovely employer was operating on little cash and cheaped out wherever he could. My employer found an old punch press built in 1945 sitting in a scrap yard. They hauled this thing back to the plant, got it running, and started producing parts. The press was worn out and unsafe, it malfunctioned somehow and crushed an employees hands. This young woman now has three fingers per hand after the surgeons patched them together.

Both my employer and the punch press manufacturer were sued for the employee's injuries.

My employer was an asshole and put a dangerous machine into production, but how about the press manufacturer? Imagine building a piece of machinery in 1945, using the best technology available. 45 years later, the machine is totally worn out and waiting to be melted down for scrap. Some asshole buys the worn out machine, tries to use it, and a young woman is maimed for life. How is the press manufacturer liable for this clusterfuck? Just defending this lawsuit will cost mega bucks, even if you win. This is one big reason the jobs left the USA. Ayn Rand was right, fuck the producers and they will get discouraged and leave. There are very few machine tools built in the USA now. Maybe we can all be Baristas and sell environmentally conscious coffee to each other?

Take The Red Pill said...

"Faithless Cynic said...
...How is the press manufacturer liable for this clusterfuck?"

Where have you been for the last four decades, or are you being facetious? It's simple greed on the part of the legal profession, called "sue the manufacturer because it has 'deep pockets'"; it's the same reason that when you buy a product, you have four to five pages of 'safety' warnings to not do things that are obvious to anyone with an IQ of 50 or more (like not using an electric iron while taking a shower).
Otherwise, I completely agree with the rest of your comment.