Saturday, March 17, 2018

Two Instances of More Insanity at American Colleges

And keep in mind I don't use the word "insanity" mockingly or lightly.

It is the veritable definition of "insanity" when you do not acknowledge facts and reality (like men are taller than women).

It is also not only insanity, but racism when you cancel a group of speakers because too many of them are white. I t is also hypocrisy when you claim to be an institution of excellence and achievement when you are more concerned about people's skin color than what they accomplish.

Any logical, self-respecting student would leave these universities and colleges immediately, applying instead to schools that have not been co-opted into rank leftist-indoctrination camps. But I understand most of you college students are yourselves too brainwashed to think independently anymore.  Worse, parents, who should know better, should not be sending their kids to these jokes-of-colleges. 

But I know you "hard core conservative parents" out there can't even bother not to shop at Starbucks or refuse to buy Apple products, so why a I even bothering berating you for sending your own flesh and blood...and these institutions of evil and idiocy?

Oh well.  enjoy the decline.


commoncents said...

Video - Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement - 3/18/18, Fired , FBI McCabe kept memos on Trump dealings

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SnapperTrx said...

I would like to think that the morons in the first story aren't really "triggered" by scientific fact but are really just trolling for something to throw a fit about and get their attention whore fix over. Like the kids who just walked out of class over gun control, they don't need a reason to walk out of class, but they wont let one go to waste. In the same way these morons don't need a reason to be stupid and smash stuff, but no way in hell they let an opportunity go to waste, especially when it means they likely wont suffer any kind of real penalty for it.

Just take them out back and beat them relentlessly with a piece of rubber hose until they learn their lesson. Its the only way.