Thursday, March 01, 2018

Will Sex Give Cryptocurrency the Intrinsic Value It Needs?

Interesting piece about how a new cryptocurrency called "intimate" will allow for easier transactions within the sex world industry.  The main focus of the article is how a cryptocurrency bypasses/solves a bunch of problems such as anonymity, payment, and financial services that are usually denied or at least "an issue" within the sex/porn/escort/stripper industry.  But it doesn't delve anywhere near or deeply as it could in using sex as an intrinsic value that cryptocurrencies desperately need.

This is not too far removed from reality in that sex, or the pursuit of it, has ordained and made/broke different industries.  VHS vs. Betamax, the internet, high speed internet, not to mention...ALL OF FREAKING SOCIETY...was built and came into existence because of the porn industry and/or the pursuit of sex.  Gold only has intrinsic value because it (in the olden days) could be made into jewelry which would woo the opposite sex.  Matter of fact, some savvy entrepreneur could make billions, perhaps trillions, if they find a way to monetize sex in the form of a cryptocurrency.

I'd like too.  But that would take effort.  And I'm much too busy enjoying the decline to expend such effort.  But by all means, one of you crypto-experts get on it.  The results would be amazing to watch and would certainly cause such upheaval in society, it would beat any movie Hollywood could possibly produce.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the Decline

Anonymous said...

I belie ve all crypto currencies will go bust and a lot of people lose a ton of money. Do not think they will last, zero chance of replacing actual money.

The morality issue is simple: I would never use another form of money if it were to make me a bit more poor and some small group of people incredibly rich - and most people think just like me. Imprisonment and wealth confiscation is the most probable fate for Satoshi and all other big bitcoin billionaire names.

The cost of bitcoin to society is enourmous: all the speculating money and energy put into this improved version of a pozi/pyramid scheme - could have produced goods and services that would have made us all richer and better off, along with enriching some well deserving factory or farm owners.

Anonymous said...

I'd bet that drugs already give cryptocurrency a larger market than illegal prostitution will. If you're just trying to hide embarrassing porn purchases, anonymous prepaid debit cards are much easier. You can even buy them for cash at the sketchy convenience store in the bad part of town where nobody asks questions.

Big D said...

It's a myth that VHS beat Betamax because of the pornography industry.

VHS won because VHS had 3 hours of recording time...enough to tape a football game or movie.
Beta did not.

That myth persists because it's "sexy".

Un Americano said...

Duterte's warning to female commie rebels:

"There’s a new order coming from the mayor. We won’t kill you. We will just shoot your vagina. If there is no vagina, it would be useless."

I like this guy!

YIH said...

Actually Big D, it's true. Remember that ''Nintendo seal of quality'' on the box of every Nintendo cartridge? That's because Nintendo designed it so games (even ones designed by third parties such as Capcom) had to be released through Nintendo - and conform to their standards. Sony did the same thing with prerecorded Beta tapes, like Nintendo they had veto power over any release. So if Hollywood produced a film Sony didn't like for some reason (such as porn) it simply wouldn't get released on Beta. OTOH, all someone had the do was license the patent and VHS trademark from Phillips and they could start making VHS tapes of their own. Which is exactly what Hollywood and the porn industry did. That revolutionized the porn industry, didn't have to go to some skeezy X-rated theater to watch 'Debby duz everything', they could rent or buy and watch it the privacy of home.