Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Peak Resting Bitch Face

"This is how the West ends
this is how the West ends
this is how the West ends
with a procession of issue-less bangs followed by a single autistic, allergic, Downs-y IVF daughter who will grow up to hate her selfish bitch mother for dying on her before her high school graduation and for denying her a flesh and blood father to love."

I delved into this article in one of my previous podcasts.  About the only thing I'll add is that I don't know if Chateau, myself, or anybody in general should be trying to sound the alarms or toll the bells for careerist people (yes, fathers as well) who put their careers and themselves ahead of their SUV-children (children they have because they're things, not humans).  The reason being is that these people are going down a path of hell by saddling themselves with children they are wholly unqualified to raise.  Yes, the children will suffer unfairly, but I'm done trying to warn people about the upcoming cliff they're sprinting towards, and instead want to profit off of them by selling them lies which encourage them to run even faster. 

I will enjoy the self-inflicted hell these arrogant, ignorant fools put themselves through.  I suggest you do the same.

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Take The Red Pill said...

Another future Western 'cat lady' who'll have a daughter (who's the only person in this story that's deserving of sympathy, poor child) who's likely to hate her for deliberately giving her a life without a father.
Another perfect example of schadenfreude.
At least no innocent man was involved (a man who can be robbed of his present and future income, home, car and retirement).

P.S. -- since the child that she's incubating isn't genetically related to her, could she be eligible for a Darwin Award?