Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Real Reason to Enjoy the Decline

If there is any reason to enjoy the decline and just let the US collapse, it is not because of leftists, SJW's or third worlders entering the country to dilute it to a pathetic Brazilian like standard or living.

It's because of this.

While many of you may be of the last vestiges of Americans and conservative, traditional people, the people you elect, predominantly through the republican party, are no better....maybe even worse...than the democrats when it comes to fiscal responsibility.

This is echoed when you look at the majority of "so called republicans" who borrow as much as they can to afford wifey-poo a mcmansion in the suburbs, BORROW (not buy) themselves an SUV, and then mindlessly ship their kids off to a liberal arts college and then just throw up their hands and say "oh well!!!???" when they don't have enough saved up for retirement because they paid for their nitwit childrens' college educations.

I don't enjoy the decline because leftist and parasites are taking over.  I enjoy the decline because the presumed "Americans" are not patriots, but mere pansies and pawns who will roll over and let the leftists take control.  I may dislike the political left of this country, but at least they're honest in their attempt to parasite off of other people. You republicans just can't even get the fucking budget to balance, be it your personal budget or the national one.  So just go fuck off and die.


YIH said...

You have probably heard about the collapse of a pedestrian bridge at FIU in Miami today. I was researching who the builder is, I stumbled across an article from yesterday celebrating the bridge’s construction.
Key quote from the female engineer/project executive, Leonor Flores (speaking about teaching her daughter that women can go into STEM):
“It’s very important for me as a woman and an engineer to be able to promote that to my daughter, because I think women have a different perspective. We’re able to put in an artistic touch and we’re able to build, too.”
Miami already is Brazil.

heresolong said...

it is disgusting that we can't have one major party that is opposed to enslaving future generations. Part of the problem is systemic (hard to get elected if you won't bring home the bacon), part of the problem is the obscene power of the federal government to run (and therefore need to finance) so many things.

On a side note, however, I notice the caveat in the article:

"the first time borrowing has jumped this much (as a share of GDP) in a non-recession time "

Since we were in a recession for most of Obama's term in office, does that mean that none of the $8 trillion dollars added during his eight years counts? Funny how I never heard these articles from the left media during the last Administration. The good news is that I am hearing just as many complaints from the right now that Republicans are in control. I am not hopeful that it will help, but at least someone is speaking out, someone that can't be accused of "partisanship" for opposing the budgets.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and watch, whiny baby. Some people at least try.

Matt 1729 said...

the easiest solution is cut all welfare programs to sanctuary cities and states.

of course, that falls on deaf ears.

Jim Scrummy said...

So, I guess the $10 trillion in known debt that was added to the books doesn't count??? Plus, all the forward debt not officially on the books (future entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare). Yep, we're screwed, many of us Gen Xers and younger understand that position. Guess what, none of the known debt is going to get paid back. If any Gen Xer or younger thinks your going to get what is "owed" to you via Social Security...hahahahahahahahahahaha, we're not going to get squat. So, do what needs to be done for you and your family (if you have a family). Use your time wisely, because you only have so many days...

Faithless Cynic said...

With the passage of the latest bloated ass, pork laden budget, this country is FUCKED. No one will help you, no one will care if you starve or bleed out in the gutter. You and anyone you care about, need food, water, shelter, and the means to keep it. The good ship USA just went over the Niagara Falls. Prepare for impact.