Thursday, March 08, 2018

Give Me the Robots Over HR Any Day

At least AI doesn't have sexism and lip programmed into it...or does it???


YIH said...

I wonder how many folks are going to be surprised about Request-Cappy is "Pro Co-op". You've said many times, that you actually worked for a Credit Union though you often called it ''a bank''. The difference is business structure. It's a ''non-profit'' corp, but it is indeed a corp. With Credit Unions, every ''member'', is also a shareholder in the corp. That can even be done quite successfully in ''normal'' corps/companies.
''Entrepreneurship'' is important. Look at Apple, without the late Steve Jobs both in the 90's (without him they barely survived) then after his death the company is stagnant.
''For profit'' and ''non-profit'' don't mean what you think they mean. I know this is an uncomfortable subject for you Cappy, but it has to be dealt with it as it is: A 'church' is a business, what keeps the lights and heat on? Who or what owns the property? Who or what do you sue if that becomes necessary? Is it a ''church'' where the ''pastor'' ''earns'' a good salary (and it increases with more attendees)? Yes it is, that ''megachurch'' *vomit* is obviously quite successful as a business. Does it fulfill it's ''mission''? Not really, it's showbiz, it's about attracting and pleasing it's audience, to get them to spend/''donate'' as much as they can.
At least you're more honest about it.

Un Americano said...

AI won't pick the biggest tits, so female applicants can't wear their slut uniforms to job intetviews.

Psyche said...

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

Anonymous said...

AI will do whatever it's programmed to do. The issue is when the path of least resistance that AI will naturally gravitate towards doesn't match up with politically correct choices, or when the people setting the parameters place in too many constraints and end up looking for an employee that doesn't exist.

I wonder if they can catch cheaters in the job-seeking process?

Anonymous said...

I don't even bother filling out automated application forms. It's a huge waste of time. You can't talk your way into a job with a computer, nor can you show you're like not like some like brain-like-dead like millennial.

Besides, if a company treats you like cattle when they most want you, how are they going to treat you after you're hired and have some job inertia?