Monday, March 05, 2018

Protecting Your Kids from Online Predator Tactics

Though I do not have kids I know many of you do.  And also, unlike parents who outsource their children to daycare and nannies, I know you guys actually love your children.  In that spirit I wanted to link to a podcast episode from Dr. David Perrodin where they talk about online predators, the tactics they use, and how to protect your kids from them.  Certainly worth the hour of your time to listen, especially if it prevents you the hours of strife and pain, not to mention the ruined life should your child ever become a victim of one of these evil scumbags.

Share it with other parents because this mere ounce of prevention is worth the tonnage of pain it could cause later in your lives.


MattyIce said...

Thanks Aaron!

Paul, Dammit! said...

Pretty decent stuff, especially where there's so much temptation not to worry about such things.

You know, I get a lot of crap for it, especially from family, but one hard and fast rule that I keep is that we eat dinner together as a family 7 days a week at my house. At the table. Without any media or distractions beyond food and conversation, a lot of stuff comes out that kids, especially teens and preteens, might otherwise not want to talk about, including online activities. Like a daily walk for every adult that has working legs, it's a universal prescription that works and was tradition for a damn good reason.

Tucanae Services said...

Thanks for thinking outside your demographic.