Monday, September 19, 2011

Because X-Box 360's Can't Sprout Legs

It was 1994.

I was a freshman and invited to a party being hosted by my boss at the U of MN Police Departments "Campus Cops" program.

I showed up and sure enough everybody was drinking and my corporal, after drinking for several hours challenged me to a race from his house to Como avenue. He would wear his boots and I could wear my regular shoes.

He was about 6'1" and I was much shorter. I knew he had me. I knew he would beat me and was doing it just to prove he could.

Of course I took the challenge in the outside hopes of proving him wrong in front of everybody and winning some street cred (which didn't exist in 1994).

Sure enough,

On your marks,

Get set,


I booked.

I mean, I just booked. Waiting for him to pass me I could have sworn he was just toying with me.

But when I stopped hearing his boots hitting the pavement I permitted myself the luxury to look back and see he had not only given up, but was puking on the street.

Lesson to be learned?

Don't assume people are always chasing you. Especially when you girls play "hard to get." Because we may have been chasing in our teens and 20's, but stopped chasing long ago.

The question is whether you have the wisdom in your 30's and 40's to look back.

Oh, and hey, enjoy that decline!


Anonymous said...

I want to know if the Captain is MGTOW, he seems to be, But I don't know for sure,nothing wrong with it as I am fairly MGTOW. I think MGTOW is the best way for the modern man

Captain Capitalism said...

Well, I hike when I want, drive a motorcycle, find it painful to even try to approach women at bars, live cheaply, spend nearly nothing on clothes and if it weren't for Natasha, I would probably continue on as I would anyway. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

who is Natasha?. I think MTGTOW is the best way modern guys. Im 31 and find it to be the most relaxing aspect of my life. I feel so much better now that Im out of the scene. Clubs suck, they are filled with drunken sweaty people spilling beer. Not to mention a possible fight over nothing at any second, waiting in line overpriced drinks very rarely will I go to a club I havent' been to one since April of 2008

daniel_ream said...

Hey, yeah! The illustrous Captain hasn't mentioned Natasha for some time. I was afraid she had exeunt pursued by a bear or something.

Bobby said...

I read alot in the manosphere, and it seems like there is a need for a more mature man´s perspective. Often the mood seems to be pervaded by a younger mans brooding, excessive pessimism. I don´t know if I am that mature perspective, but I am personally getting hints to my future already and have clues from being around and observing older men.

In just this last week, a truely amazing transformation has happened to me. Up until this point( early forties), I have always seen myself living accompanied by a woman.

Some woman out there was going to make life better for me. Now, it has been many years since I was naive enough to believe just any damn hussy could improve things; so little by little, I have become more and more discriminating.

But, what hit me like a 2x4 between the eyes this past week is the realization that it is so unlikely that any woman will be a net gain over enjoying the independent life ;and I have to plan very selfishly for my future. And you know what? It was in no way, absolutely no way, a sad moment when I reached the tipping point. It felt so GD LIBERATING.

Now, I may not be completely through with women. I thought to myself, hmmm, if some woman sounded pleasing enough: I could date her, if it sounded like a good time.

But, in no way do I want her interfering in my personal sanctuary.

I know that alot of you read Dalrock, and I do too. Dalrock has wrote alot about elder divorce. It is interesting what he writes, but I don´t think Dalrock has a senior perspective yet; too much worrying about the betrayal of the men by these women( you can feel the hurt, the perspective of a younger man in his writings). I have read these pieces and have wondered:

How many of these senior men are happier to be freed from these old bitties? Freed, once and for all.

I noticed a change about the time that I hit thirty but what I have experienced since passing forty has been very profound, I can only imagine the extreme changes that are to come in the future. It is a little worrisome but up until now I would say life is better and better.

The funny thing is the woman who occasionally confronts you with the question of being alone in the future. At first, I took the question at face value and thought that maybe there could be some reason for concern. But for a good couple of years now, I have really thought about this concern of theirs as it has increasingly diminished as a concern of mine.

It is projection on their part.

You know, we have seen recent reports of how life just gets better and better for men and I am increasingly believing the reports.


I understand your sentiment when you mention ¨Enjoy the decline¨

but I am of the mind that I am going to enjoy the personal explosion

Captain Capitalism said...


Your observations are correct. Do you get over watching people get their comeuppance and move on with life and pursue your own "senior" pursuits?

Yes and no.

I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing essentially an entire generation of women who were mean, arrogant, but above all else, dishonest about what they wanted (which led myself and about 70 million other men to waste an unrecouperable amount of our youth) slowly wake up and realize they're 40, burdened with children and get to suffer their own decisions. Also, because of their disproportionate voting for socialism and the expansion of the state at the expense of (primarily) men (both financially and in a replacement role), I won't get tired seeing liberal women in their 40's be miserable, lonely and quite frankly, clueless as to why the economy isn't booming and their 401k plan isn't full and still not understand why they're not happy.

Of course, it can go too far. You don't want other people's misery to be your sole source of happiness. You don't want it even being your primary source of happiness. Going out and enjoying the decline or "MGTOW" or "going ghost" or whatever you want to call it, is nothing more than having total and pure freedom and doing what you want on this planet before you die. That should be the primary source of happiness.

But I shall NEVER decline the icing on the cake that is the schadenfruede of watching the people who made me and an entinre generation of men suffer and flail about get theirs in the end. It's just too entertaining to read Dalrock and Roissy and Leykis and I really believe it is every traditional American male's right to not just be entitled to it, but to be able to enjoy it guilt free.

Susan Walsh said...

Thanks for the link, Captain, you sent me a bunch of traffic with it!

Pretty funny post, and I have to agree. Many women dig in with their checklists and open for business, only to find that they have no customers. One would think that a complete product overhaul might be required, or at least a distinctively new approach to marketing. Yet they sit there behind the counter, watching the world go by, complaining that customers don't want the right things.

Ping Jockey said...

"But I shall NEVER decline the icing on the cake that is the schadenfruede of watching the people who made me and an entinre generation of men suffer and flail about get theirs in the end."

So true! "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

Legion said...

Bobby, I'm late posting here, but here it goes:

I'm 56 y-o, my ex filed for divorce in Feb. '09. The month before we stopped talking (again). Ever since that happened, most of my stress dropped through the floor. I was no longer held responsible for everything that happened or didn't happen in her life. Other stresses ahve been added though.

Our son was just turning 16. We couldn't selll the house until May '10. So we were a household until a month before he graduated high school. He had some definate problems in school while we were still in the house. We were both concerned about raising him so the divorce process was not too bad (Except I worried about her getting angry and acquiecsed on more stuff than I wanted too.)

When they moved to her new condo she would get him to call me up and tell me what she needed to be done. I did nothing and finally told him she fired me from that job.

He's in college and I am moving from the northeast to Nebraska. I have stayed on friendly terms with her to see my son as often as possible. Now I won't have to do anything at all for her. It isn't all bad. The 2 days before I go I will stay at her condo (and let some contractors in). Then first stop, some family in Ohio.