Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cherie Bowser, Meet Tom Leykis

Your beloved Captain, after climbing mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park last week, further availed himself of his childless status and drove kitty corner across Wyoming to the scenic town of Kemmerer, WY.

Kemmerer is famous for its fish fossils, diamond mines, and actually the FIRST JC Penny Store!

Pictures are forthcoming, BUT, of course to kill the time I downloaded some Tom Leykis.

Two broad casts of which are;

1. Completely necessary for ALL Cappy Cappites to listen to
2. Should be required listening for all people thinking about having children
3. All divorced people who thought it a wise idea to bring children into this world.
4. All people thinking about getting married.

I'm being serious here people, you WILL download these two MP3's and listen to them;



Something tells me Cherie and Tom would not get along.


Dalrock said...

I just googled her name and this post is the third result.

Nicely done!

Captain Capitalism said...

Wasn't even trying, but nice to know the power of the Cappy Cap!