Sunday, September 04, 2011

You Labor Day Linkage

Haley has her funnier moments.

Death to the programmers of malware and viruses.

A charty goodness review of the housing collapse.

Bringing up the future betas so we can make life even more difficult for them in their 20's. (aka Chivalry is not a right, it is earned)

A WAY long and deep way of just saying "Enjoy the decline" (language warning)

I'm sorry, was there a reason or a calling or let alone any profits or rewards for us guys to "man up?" you'll forgive us if we just keep playing our video games and avoiding families.

Dollar for dollar. Penny for penny, everything must be paid and accounted for in not just economic theory, but law. The laziness of the current three generations is mathematically calculated and manifested in the form of the national debt.

And I get excited when I find an intact jawbone fossil. Other Turkish sheepherders just discover entire ancient cities in their backyards. Lousy sheepherding Turks, with all the good archeological stuff, mocking me and everything, not even trying to find entire ancient cities.


Sonny Ortega said...

So, my question is: if a guy wants to drink and play videogames till the day he dies, why should anyone give a shit? What is these women's problem? They say guys need to "take responsibility". WHYYY?? Why in the hell do you care, Hymowitz? Is this some kind of mental escape from the fact that you're ugly, old and very probably single?

Anonymous said...

My father actually discouraged me from "growing up" and having my own family. If I even mention it, he goes pale. After discovering the manosphere I understand why.

"Take responsibility" is shorthand for "take responsibility for the planning, execution and cost of some woman's idealized married life that you can't ever actually get right anyway because you're just a man." When you inevitably fail to make princess happy you're expected to pay her a financial penalty whether she deserves it or not, kids or not, logic and personal responsibility be damned.

If they put it like that it wouldn't work very well. Too truthful.