Tuesday, September 06, 2011

World's Dumbest Economist

you know, like you know that, like, I gotta pay my rent and like I gotta pay my car loan? It's like, you know, a scam, like you know, that I gotza support myself and like, you know, the world ain't gonna just gizme whatz I wantz. Like you know, I just can't sit here on my ass and expect people to bring me food and build me shelter and give me a free car, you know? It's like a scam.

You know?

Actually, this is very sad. And I shall show you in one simple question;

In the end of her life, when she's sitting there on her death bed at 80 or whatever, do you think she'll realize why her life ended up the way it did? Do you think she's going to enjoy her life? Do you think this one shot she gets, she's going to avail herself of the opportunities life presents to her? Or is she just going to childishly stew in the childish question, "Why do I have to work for a living" and live a hate-filled life that is shallow, unproductive and meaningless?

And I'm not mocking her, I feel genuine pity for her. Yet what's so sad is all it would take for her to answer her own questions and move onto a much better life is to pick up a mouse, start surfing the internet about economics and freedom and become "unignorantized" (I like that word!).

Sadly though, if you're too lazy to pay for your own house, your own food, your own car, or your own children, you're obviously too lazy to pick up a mouse and expend the time it would take to become informed.

Out of pity for her and the brainwashed like her, I shall not say to enjoy the decline. But rather have a moment of silence thinking about the millions of poor souls like her that are condemned to living such angry, hate-filled (and worse) meaningless lives and never being able to understand why.


Arch said...

Can't we get her a one way ticket to Liberia? No matter happens I guarantee she'll learn a whole lot in her first 15 minutes there.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel pity for her. I feel revulsion, and a strong sense of loathing. Because it is a lot easier to destroy than it is to create, parasites like this woman and her should-know-better enablers (paging Barney Frank...) are wrecking everything that is good about our country, an act that is not abstract but which is starting to have really concrete and negative effects on me and my family. Give them a few more years to really permanently destroy the place, and my feelings will morph into hatred. People like her call themselves "progressive" but they are leading the greatest regression into barbarism in recorded history. Pity? No. Not a chance.

Anonymous said...

She should try living in Africa, where land is "free". How does $200 a year sound?
Wow, entitled and stupid all at the same time.
I wish more people could see this Utube. It really explains what The Great Society has done to people`s incentive. She thinks America is a rip off, instead of an opportunity.
This is a very sad state of affairs.

Paul said...

'An unreflected life is not worth living' - Descartes

I often think that even when people refuse or seem unable to acknowledge the truth about themselves, that at some subconscious level at least this awareness exists and eats away at them, trying to get out. That the nihilism embraced by folks such as her, who categorically refuse any sort of introspection or acknowledgement that they themselves played the leading role in their failures, is simply an externalization of their own sense of worthlessness, no matter how deeply this is buried under layers of self-esteem and entitlement mentality.

I have a hard time pitying such people, however, because at the end of the day they vote for and benefit from the forcible confiscation of the fruits of other people's labours.

PeppermintPanda said...

When I initially saw this video on SDA I thought that it would have been a good idea to create a fund in this woman's name to pay for her travel expenses to africa; with the only condition being that if she lived there for less than 2 years she would have to pay back the money, and after 2 years she had to post a video about the "Utopia" of Africa ...

Anonymous said...

Solar power
Electric cars
Stimulus packages
Cretinous laws
People like that.

Bad ideas, not ready for prime time, or just industrial strength stupid?

Dear god, Make the stupid stop please, it's too much, I'm tired of fighting these morons, they NEVER fargin' stop. Like zombies, they just keep coming and you ain't allowed to kill them.

CBMTTek said...

"Why do we have to pay for water? Water should be free."

Water is free. Go out to a lake, river, ocean and grab as much as you want.

What? You want it to be delivered to your sink via a public water system? No problem, we can still deliver free water to you via that method.

Of course, you will be expected to pay your portion of the costs associated with building and maintaining the water. Wonder if there is an easy way to determine exactly how much you should pay? Oh, I know, how about a fee per gallon delivered?

HOLY F-ing CHRIST on SKATES! This woman is black-hole stupid.

Seriously, what does she want to spend her hard earned money on? Another $100 hair treatment? (And, yes, keeping her hair looking like that can run upwards of $100 per week)

The problem with idiots like this woman is that they can vote, and they will vote for whichever candidate promises her the biggest cut of the public treasury.

Anonymous said...

Just kick back, We'll pull the wagon for you! No, no, we don't mind at all... It would be our pleasure to do all the work...

Or better yet, Let's ALL hop in the wagon and see how far it goes!

grerp said...

Unbelievable. Almost. Stupid *and* entitled. This is what universal suffrage and the tail end of a good run of other people's earned prosperity will produce. Sad.

Africa. Who in their right mind would want to live in Africa? AIDS, ongoing genocide, no infrastructure, endless wars, drought, famine, homicide, mud huts, malaria...it's just all kinds of good times over in Africa. Those people who built the pyramids, they had fanTAStic benefits packages.

Delotas said...

She is infuriating! Even more is the fact that there are too many who think exactly like she does.