Friday, September 09, 2011

The Captain is Being Held Hostage

The Captain is being held hostage.

He will not be released, and therefore not be able to make any new posts, until he receives 100,000 new hits (or he raises $5,000 from book/kindle sales ahem ahem, cough cough!)

The following brilliant posts (full of super-awesome economic genius) will be forwarded, linked to, facebooked, "reddited," etc., BY YOU until our 100,000 new hits demand is met.

The "Great Liberal Economic Oort Cloud."

A "Cold Detroit"

My "Bondage A Go Go Girl Story"

Women's Rights Movement Felled By a Collapse in the Division of Labor

Since Christmas shopping season is coming, You WILL Buy Your Children TOYS!!!!

And at the request of our good friend Sr. Ortega, "Unfortunately, Men Do Exist."

No additional future posts will be forthcoming until YOU, fellow Cappy Cappites!






mention at a party when you're totally trying to get with that hot chick and said to yourself, "hey, you know, I could totally get her to come back with me to my apartment if I lay down some SUPER AWESOME ECONOMIC GENIUS! where or where could I find that? Heh! Wait! I know! The Captain has that stuff posted on his super awesome website! I should go there and plagiarize some of that stuff and totally swoon her off of her feet even though it should be sweep off of her feet, but I like to say the word swoon because that ooooo sound is about the coolest sound in the entire English language."!

to the point we achieve the 100,000 new hit mark.

Until our demands are met the Captain will never write or post again.

Compliance is mandatory!

Conformance is required!

Heck, it'd be real swell if you just forward some posts or make some linkage.


Stew Magoo said...

I will do my part Captain Sir!

Sonny Ortega said...

Anyway, your best post to date is this one:

Hot Sam said...

Bondage a Go Go was an instant classic.

Anonymous said...

Good job, you motivated me to buy your book. Having to deal with DRM is a bit of a downer, but it's worth it.

Anon A. Mus said...

I've been reading your blog long enough now that I decided to smarten up my Kindle One with your book. Thanks for your alway engaging posts!

Doug said...

Captain, I'm doing what I can to help. I received a message that my submission of "unignorantize" will be published on

I used your moniker as one of the examples.

Hope it helps!

Anonymous said...

Well, if I actually had a blog, I'd link you in a heartbeat.

I do try to send you some stuff periodically.

Dave Killion said...

"Check out the book, check out the blog, and as Cappy Cap says – Enjoy the decline!"