Friday, September 02, 2011

Obama Speech BINGO!

A reader suggested this so I cannot claim to have come up with this idea.

Since nobody has an real incentive to listen to Obama's upcoming jobs speech because it will just be that, a speech, why not make it a fun drinking event?

First gather yourself the following types of booze;

Phillips 100
and of course

Each person will get assigned a bottle of booze and an "Obama word." Every time Zero mentions your word you take a belt from the bottle. The following booze-word combinations are such;

"Move this country forward" - Whiskey * just "forward" will also qualify
"Failed Policies of Yesterday" - Vodka * "failed policies" will also qualify
"Progress" - Tequila
"Community" - Gin
"A greater future" - Rum
"Come together" - Goldschlager
"Partisan politics" - Jeagermesiter
"Obstructionist" - Phillips 100

However, we save the Rumpleminze for a special part of the speech.

Anytime Obama says something flowerly about creating jobs, BUT DOES NOT MENTION AN ACTUAL TANGIBLE ACTION THAT WOULD BE TAKEN TO CREATE JOBS everybody takes a swig of the Rumpleminze.

I think most will be dying from acute alcohol poisoning by the end of the speech.


Jules said...

You forgot to add "Make no mistake" "let me be clear"

Hoss said...

I'm assuming you didn't want anyone get alcohol poisoning by assigning "make necessary investments" or any permutation of "investment(s)."

Anonymous said...

Other possible Bingo spaces for this "jobs" speech:

Green jobs
Clean energy
Common sense
Working families
Extreme (or extremist)
Pay their fair share
Balanced solution

CBMTTek said...

I love it.

Printing the rules, and sharing with everyone I know.