Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stupid Fly Over Hicks

Not as cool as you west coasters, right?

And remember, oil is BAD. It's EEEVILLLL! With all the stupid jobs it brings and employment. No, much better to take out that second mortgage on your California home so you can go green.


Jaime Roberto said...

Most of those California cities are in the Central and San Joaquin Valleys, and most of the snobby coastal Californians would consider them part of flyover country too.

Aaron said...

Yum, Bakken.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with Jaime. He beat me to it. We're as much fly-over as South Dakota. Plus, we don't have the luxury of making our own government policies.
A rule I have around here is the Volvo rule. The more Volvos you see, the more liberal the area.

Wonder why I'll be moving?

Hot Sam said...

Except for El Centro which is largely Hispanic, the other cities are in the Central Valley which is fairly conservative. It's mostly farm land and industrial space. Lots of illegal immigrant workers.

They simply overbuilt houses in the relatively cheap land. The coastal cities, being more desirable places to live, didn't suffer as badly.

The Central Valley does have political problems because of all the leftists in Sacramento who don't favor them.

There is oil in the Central Valley near Bakersfield, and Chevron has a refinery in the Bay Area. Agriculture is very important for the state economy, as well as high tech manufacturing, software publishing, motion pictures and sound, and fabricated metal products. CA also has several important ports.

The majority of the land mass is dominated by Republicans. The problemis that the coastal cities are filled with demon spawn.

When I got to Berkeley eight years ago, every third car was a Volvo or Subaru. Now, the Volvo dealership is closed and the Prius rules the roads.

When I visited Coronado Island near San Diego, I saw only one Prius, and it was a visitor. Orange County is one of the most Republican counties in America, but the state is threatened by an influx of Mexicans.