Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Katie Kieffer

This is not a hit piece.

This is a sincere and legitimate piece that is very important and (frankly) is a piece I should not have to write.

Katie Kieffer is hot. I'm sure she's very nice and I'm am certainly happy to have her on the conservative side of the force, but...

that's about all she is.

However, because she is a "conservative," she is now exalted to an undeserved level of celebrityship because she has that seemingly mutually exclusive combination of traits;

Hot and conservative.

And that combination makes the typical conservative/libertarian males' IQ drop by about 50 points.

Now, the reason I am compelled to write about this (and unfortunately give her due linkage and press) is because I have had more than one middle aged male, salivating over her, asking me if I've read her or not.

And what is particularly irritating about this, is these are presumably men who should know better, but lower the standards for genuine intelligent writing and philosophy because of a cute little piece of conservative T&A.

This is a weakness, but more importantly, it is a hypocrisy I find among conservative men. So desperate are they for a good looking conservative female, they lower their standards in a very affirmative action way and qualify what is literally mindless 20 something ditz blather as genuine and serious political commentary just because she's "a hottie."

Now, look, if you want to open yourselves up to genuine (and well-deserved) criticism from the left for thinking in your pants, go ahead. It will only undermine our larger goal and make us look to be the fools that we really aren't. But if you can permit yourself the intellectual honesty to identify Mr. Kieffer for what she is, and give her no more credit than that, then we do ourselves a favor calling a spade a spade, and focusing our efforts on more important issues, not to mention showing ourselves to be serious people that abide by intellectual honesty and giving credit where credit is due.

Now if Ms. Kieffer wants to put together a calendar along with some of the Fox News Babes in kind of a cheer-leading sort of effort for liberty and freedom, fine. But she, and equally lacking intellectual "conservative hotties" are not the ones on the football field. That would be the likes of Matt Drudge, Joe Soucheray, Peter Schiff, Zero Hedge, myself, Dalrock and the thousands of others out there who actually do the heavy lifting, the pulling of data, the serious commentary, etc. But honest to god, to exalt her to a similar level just because she's good looking, really does give credence to what some of the most evil and reviled feminists out there claim.

We are better than that. More importantly, our morals, standards and ideology should reflect that. We judge people by their skill, merit, worth, character and intelligence.

Not by their creed.

Not by the color of their skin.

And certainly not how hot they look.

POST-POST - Guess what her major is!? I told you, crusaders can be right or left.


Jay said...

I completely agree!

Honestly the stupidity that comes out of some of those Fox News Barbies, just makes me think that Roger Ailes finds these hotties from a Ford Modeling Agency, and just says to them " want a spot on FNC? We'll pay for your college, just get that degree in Basket-weaving and we'll make you a FNC analyst!"

With the exception of Laura Ingraham and Michele Malkin and a few others...most "conservative" women are dumb, ditzy, and stupid.

anon1 said...

That is one hell of a neg, Captain.

Anonymous said...

As was read at another blog, all women are like that until proven otherwise.

I will mention Kim Guilfoyle though for something she said concerning the emasculation of men and how unhappy women are. Particularly how many women are ending up miserbale and alone. To my surprise, she scolded women and feminist for pushing men into giving them just what they asked for. Too bad it isn't what women really want. And for many of them, it's too late. So props to her for that comment.

PallidBust said...

I have never heard of this women until I read this post. She is, indeed, Willy Wonkable. However, your post didn't explain why she shouldn't be revered. What are her errors? I would go to her website and see for myself, but I just downloaded the Lonesome Road expansion for Fallout: New Vegas, so I have tastier meat on my plate.

P.S. Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Captain, this has the makings of a great Childrens book.

Once upon there was big bulldozer named Captain, and Captain was a hard working bulldozer that moved lots and lots of dirt. (place illustration with bulldozer looking like Thomas the tank engine here.)
Captain and is fellow big bulldozers would move all the dirt and build the construction project.
Then one day near the end of the project, this cute little bulldozer was brought in to finish the final grading of the project. The people cheered and were so happy with the completed project, that they took pictures of the cute little bulldozer crediting her for the project.
(insert illustration here..)
Captain became so jealous and angry because this cute little bulldozer takes all the credit for all the work that he and the other big bulldozers did. (insert illustration of Captain angry and jeaalous here).

*Not sure what happens next, something about Captain realizes the project could not be done by him alone because he was built to do heavy lifting and not final grading. and Cute little bulldozer realized that she did not do the project by herself and shared credit with the big bulldozers. And in the ending the Captain and Cut little bulldozer get married and live happily ever after...
There you have the makings of best selling childrens book!

The point is, she is in the "end sales" - not the manufacturing of the goods. She packages and promotes all the heavy lifting done by you, zerohedge, etc.
She communicates the messge, not research the content of the message.
(Jason Lewis is different, he has been able to package and sell as well as produce.)

Captain Capitalism said...

No, this isn't a neg on poor Katie. The people in my target sites are middle aged men who at a drop of a hat abandon one of the most, if not the most important principle of conservatism and that is MERIT.

And uh, no, the Captain would not be marrying the little bulldozer. I've had my fill of 90210 and "Friends" and Gilmore Girls talk with the women of my age back in the 90's. I do recall dating (cripes, let alone MARRYING) a 20 something was horribly painful.

Glenfilthie said...

And you call yourself a capitalist. Shame on you Captain!

Everything you say is true, and I don't dispute one word of it. Truly an excellent post,


The media has to sell. Their job is not to disburse information, or be objective or offer insight. Their job is to get ratings, sell copy and bring in clients wanting to advertize with them.

The consumer wants to hear what he believes, not what somebody knows. Facts, tables, graphs, studies, statistics - all that shit you sell is BORING. 75% (probably more) of the consumers are uneducable f-tards, regardless of their political stripe, with the attention span of a gnat! How else can you explain The Decline? Mere politicians can't wreak that kind of havoc on their own! Hotties like this are about as good as it gets for having real conservatives in the media.

In light of that, it occurs to me that men like Al Gore and Micheal Moore are probably the most successful capitalists you can name. In the midst of a recession, those guys are making millions selling nothing to stupid people!

If you're in that market, you could do a helluva lot worse than Katie.

I would posit that the good Captain and Katie are in vastly different markets.

Captain Capitalism said...

Astute and very accurate observation, Glen. I have often thought about whether Krugman REALLy believes the BS he spews or just does it because there's a market for a liberal economist to explain to NYT readers why they're still right despite the economic collapse around them.

Katie (or just the general hottie news chicks) are,as you point out, in a different market. Kind of "news light" or "glamo-news."

75% of my stuff is boring!?

Ouch! You hurt me, sir!


ChrisP said...

The more cute, hot, pretty young women and good looking young men we have spreading conservative ideas the better!

We need to destroy the falsehood that only "boring" "old" white men are conservatives or hold these ideas.

Please, Keep up the great work Captain. Maybe you can get Katie to link to your site for people who want to click thru to the true substance of the matter after they are done admiring the cutie Katie (and finish with the simpler bite size version she may post on her site).

Anonymous said...

Waaaaiiittt... so are you accusing concservative men of thinking with their little heads? Noooo way. Can't be true.

But seriously, this is a bipartisan problem, where a woman who is not absolutely Candy-Crowley buttugly, who mirrors one's own views, somehow provides validation and makes one all hot & bothered. Go read some left wing insane asylum blogs and you'll find that they are all gaga over Rachel Maddow and they think that Janeane Garofolo is smokin'.

TW: nonferk. Sentence: Janeane Garofolo's politics are so rotten, that it makes her nonferkable in my book.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that any criticism of a Cute White Girl (tm) will be immediately categorized as display of jealousy.

Truly, this is projection from women, since they are at least as prone to jealousy as men, if not much more. Many women live in this modern hell of endless inter-female competition, and the deep envy and jealousy that is produced drives much of their thinking.

Hence, the automatic assessment that any criticism of an attractive person is motivated by jealousy.

richard said...

Does not look very hot to me.

Captain Capitalism said...

Heh, all it would take is one visit to "read" the site and you'll see there's nothing to be jealous of.

Rick Caird said...

A philosophy degree is not in the same class as social science degrees. Philosophy is a very analytical subject. Historically, many mathematicians have crossed between philosophy and mathematics. Consider, as an example, Principia Mathematica by Bertrand Russel and Alfred North Whitehead. Aristotle is another who comes to mind.

I would not consider a philosophy major an indicator of a crusader.

Marty said...

I dunno, she's got a better looking resume than I do.

Captain Capitalism said...

Rick, that may have been the case. But all those guys you mention are from like 200 years ago. Heck Aristotle is what, 2500 years ago? Today philosophy ranks among the same bucket of humanities degrees. A cake hobby for white suburb kids to pursue.

Anonymous said...

This ties in, kind of:

LS said...

A philosophy degree?
Whew -- at first glance she looked like a lawyer.

Captain Capitalism said...

Oh, give her time. Where do you think all the humanities majors end up going?

MarkyMark said...

Eh, she's cute, but I wouldn't call her hot. I've seen better on the Jersey Shore where I grew up; hot women are no big deal for me.

Huma said...

She is beautiful I think.looks cute.

Anonymous said...

I lost all respect for Sean Hannity after watching this.

Steph said...

Since when do humanities majors go to Law?