Friday, September 30, 2011

Pull Up a Chair with Cappy Cap!

And read the quality linkage that he has linked to below!

Several years ago I was kicking around writing a book called "Socialism, Inc" indicating that socialists fully knew what they were doing and were running a business with the exact same goal of capitalists - to make money. Of course the only difference is they would not provide anything in return.

Reminds me of the occasional story
you'll hear about a kid dying or being taken away by the authorities when their eco-nazi-vegan parents refuse to provide the infant with nourishment. Again, they are more important than the cause they purport to support.

Yes, there are such things as stupid questions. Particularly those you have to ask because you failed to read the text or the book, who are typically stupid.

Putin vs Obama in a death match.

My question is "if you're a republican, why are you even bothering going to Berkeley?"

"I'm majoring in travel and hospitality." I worked at this degree mill called the "Minneapolis Business College." One of their majors was literally "travel and hospitality." I think to get accepted to the program your IQ must have been inversely related to your weight.

Make sure to enjoy your weekend by ensuring you enjoy the decline!


Hot Sam said...

The College Republicans are the largest student organization at UC Berkeley.

The ROTC department at UC Berkeley turns out some of the finest officers in the US military. ROTC has been there for 150 years, and was compulsory until the mid 20th century for all male students. The Berkeley College Republicans counter protested against liberals critical of ROTC, the military on general, and the wars.

UC Berkeley is the top ranked public university in the world. You go there because its among the best and its affordable. You also go there because its not Stanford. :)

The professors at Cal are moonbats. There is a substantial contingent of leftist students, but that's true at any university. So why should a Republican go to any school other than BYU?

Of course, not all of the professors are liberal, and less so in the hard sciences. 40% of the students are Asian, and they are more interested in their studies than politics. They might have fully formed political views, left, right, or center, but its not a central issue in their lives. They are smart, respectful, and listen to all sides.

There are schools far more liberal than Berkeley.

The city of Berkeley, though, is batshit crazy. To call them Socialists would be an unfair insult to Socialism. Karl Marx would run screaming away from Berkeley. Chairman Mao would burn it to the ground. Fidel Castro would have public executions. Jim Jones would have poured the Flavor Ade into the water supply.

Berkeley is where crazy people had their annual convention, and they never left.

Good restaurants though.

CBMTTek said...

Holy Crap Cappy: That article you linked to about the Berkley Bake sale was so funny I almost wet my pants.

Typical liberal jackass, incapable of understanding the logic behind the "bake sale" chooses to attack.

"They don’t even have the guts to have a genuinely racist bake sale in which blacks pay more."
Ohhh... swing and a miss.

Let's try again:
"this bake sale does nothing to fight the immigration problem or spread the truth of HBD."
Was this bake sale held to fight immigration problems? Did I and the other 6.7B people on the face of the earth miss something?

There is not a single paragraph in that entire write up that got any item even remotely correct, yet, the writer is firmly convinced he is correct.

Sad really.

Anthony said...

I'll second what Nick said, especially about Berkeley being Not Stanford.

Any republican/conservative/libertarian who goes to Berkeley, and is politically active, will end up a *far* better debater than someone who spends their intellectually formative years surrounded by the like-minded.

The City of Berkeley should be experienced, because it really rubs your nose in the fact that leftist governance is a disaster, one which can't be blamed on the bad behavior of a particular race. (Berkeley has managed to ethnically cleanse most of its black population in the 80s and 90s, a direct result of its "progressive" policies.)

Even in the humanities (and possibly the social sciences), a conservative can learn quite a lot that is true and useful at Berkeley. A solid grounding in history will show that some truths are eternal, and that some modes of political failure (particularly the leftist variety) are nothing new. Berkeley is a good place to learn this history, and to learn how to research this history on your own, and to interpret it on your own.