Monday, September 05, 2011


Where they treat adults like (GASP!) adults!

What's funny is if I go into Wyoming I can then discard my carry conceal permit from Minnesota which has reciprocity from South Dakota.

And something tells me there won't be a crime wave in Wyoming like most leftists in other states will predict.


Elusive Wapiti said...

Nope, there won't be a crime wave.

It's interesting to consider the selection effects inherent in such a law being passed...that only a law-abiding populace confident in its own ability to keep itself safe would demand such a law.

This is the true meaning of the fourth "box"...the cartridge's strength lays not in opposing the police or other government agents with armed force but in creating a climate in which the police aren't really needed at all. Because the people themselves look after their own safety.

CBMTTek said...

Good for Wyoming.

And, good for everyone in Wyoming.

Now, we need to get the rest of the US to follow suit.