Thursday, September 22, 2011

Berkeley Graduates, Outsourcing Fathers, and Lies, Damn Lies!

"Probably a Berkeley graduate."

"Thank god we got rid of those stupid fathers! Who needs them! With all their "rules" and "discipline!" Me and my kids are best friends!"

LIES! ALL LIES! Don't listen to them! You can be happy like us! YOU DON'T NEED A HUSBAND, NOR DO YOU WANT ONE! Join us in our "50 Year Olds With Cats Club!"

In getting what they want, they defeat themselves.

Some humor from Haley. I wish I could find the Youtube Video of the Wings of Honneamise where the pilot goes to his girlfriend's house, finds her there outside her now-bulldozed home and he says. "What the heck happened!?" "They bulldozed our house. I thought that if we prayed it wouldn't happen." "YOU CAN'T #%*&ing PRAY TO PREVENT A BULLDOZER!"

"that illustrated how few things make liberals as angry as the idea of people who really matter just get to vote with their feet against them, thus depriving them of other people's money their policies depend on."

Snarks has been covering the "green industry" scam in that she lives all of 3 miles from Solyndra. Here, here and here.

When liberals make charts, you can ALWAYS expect them to lie about it.

An obscure post, but I was wondering where i was getting all the hits from. You'll want to pour yourself a drink before tackling this one.

And ask yourself the question. What if all young, educated males decided to give up the rat race and just get by on enough money to support themselves and only themselves? You'd soon come to the conclusion that when guys like this go Galt, your country is in for a world of hurt. Sadly (and I'll say it again for the cheap seat) unfortunately men DO exist and they are a VITAL part of this or any other society because they are essentially the engine that drives it. But don't worry, you don't need an engine, you need government social workers and education and free health care. Not hard working men! Pha! That's so 1950s!


she said: said...

You know, I've tried to comment on 10 of your last posts. I was starting to think I was the only grrrl who read your blog. Then it's hard to find the words. I don't know why women suck so much. I don't know why people never get any smarter. It is frustrating. Super frustrating.

Captain Capitalism said...


You must let go.

Embrace the decline.

The decline is your friend.

It sets you free.

Enjoy the decline, for there is nothing else to do.

Anonymous said...

That was a shocking post! The part about the dolls is very disturbing.I can`t believe young men would act in this fashion.
What about all this hook-up culture you hear about at various universities?
This does not sound very good, regarding the future of our society.

Jules said...

The Fuck? I thought I was the only man to have seen wings of honneamise. My only problem with anime is 99% of it is totally emasculating love solves everything crap.

daniel_ream said...

I used to watch a lot of anime, but frankly the strong strains of suicidal pacifism that run through the whole medium eventually turned me off. Cowboy Bebop's a rarity, and even Coyote Ragtime Show suffers too much from the uber-kawaii moppet problem.

Maybe we need some place where men can recommend anime that was written for men and not effete college students.

Frost said...

Ironically, my version of going Galt is taking the form of leaving my job as a professional parasite, so I can focus on income streams that I derive from actually adding value to people's lives. Psst, that's a secret until October 3rd, but you heard it here first CC readers!

She said, don't take it so hard. Most of the men in my generation suck too, just in a different way. We're just one big generation of crap, to be honest, which is too bad because we're probably the last that as any hope of saving western civilization.

All I can say is, we're working on it...

Anonymous said...

Berkeley? Small stuff. Harvard is the fons et origo of all of the antisocial destructive nonsense in the English-speaking world. No other university in the US, Britain, Canada, or Australia comes close.