Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Lesson About Race for the Video Game Industry: Mafia 3 & Originality

The number of instances where a white comic book hero was turned black, a Mary Jane turned Latino, or a male movie hero turned female is too high to count.  It is merely the empirical reality of a wider trend among Hollywood, Disney/Marvel, and (in a more general sense) corporate America to appeal to a wider audience and virtue signal to an increasingly brainwashed leftist society.  To any intellectually honest person it's both testament to the fact these people have ran out of creativity, and the true racism they hold against minorities in that they think minorities don't deserve their own original superheroes. 

Which is why I was flabbergasted when I saw the trailer for Mafia 3.

Mafia 3 is PRECISELY what America needs, what minorities deserve, and what video game players expect.


Though the third in a series of three, Mafia 3 focuses on a black hero who must build his own gang to stave off the Italian mob.  It takes place in the late 60's when Motown and black culture was very prominent (if not defining) in America, it allows all video game players a chance to escape into a different world they may be too young to remember (or even be around for), and it delivers a true, ORIGINAL black hero that all races can cheer for.

So I just have to ask:

WTF gives Hollywood and Silicon Valley?  Did you finally get your heads out of your asses and deliver a game that wasn't sermoning, lecturing, or driving some ulterior political motive?  Did you actually start to think maybe, just maybe blacks deserved their own heroes?  Did one of you actually take the time to sit down and think of a new idea that hadn't been done before?  Or was it just 2K and the rest of you are still the bandwagoning race pimps who are still fresh out of ideas?

Because let me explain to you how this is going to go down.  If more and more movies, games, comic books, and other media are launched with original minority and female heroes (and villains) blacks, hispanics, Asians, women, not to mention whites are going to start demanding (GASP!!!!) MORE ORIGINAL HEROES!  And that's particularly threatening to you because that will require what you're just plain out of:


What's worse for you is that in due time minorities and women will realize PRECISELY what you're doing: merely co-opting Whitey-Mc-Male-Male characters and putting black face on them (or vag).  Which is not only insulting, but nothing more than passing on "hand-me-down" clothes to your less-liked children.

I know talentless hacks and posers like you have no creativity, ability, innovation, or originality within you.  But you better get some, otherwise you will be outed for the condescending racists you truly are.


One Fat Oz Guy said...

Sorry Cap, I think it's already too far gone. I, and a lot of people I know, have stopped looking at movies as a source of entertainment. Sure there's the occasional one that catches my eye, but on the whole I gave up for being over preached.
Even if a movie did come out that ticked all my boxes, I'd probably not risk giving my money over because they have been known to do the old bait and switch.
It's too far gone in my view and there'd have to be a very public admission of ideological error followed by a series of movies that showed they'd changed before I'd bother with them again.
The reason they keep doing reboots and sequels is because they're trying to carry on past success and because they know they're mostly given a pass for ongoing existing stories.
If you tried to make a Bond like movie today you'd be called sexist (if he slept with multiple women or wasn't cast as a woman) or racist (if you didn't portray him as a minority) or both.
Either way, people are voting with their wallets.

observasaurus Rex said...

GTA3: San Andreas for the PS2 did something similar. The criminal "hero" in the third installment was a black guy, but even though you play the game from right behind his shoulders it was really easy to slip into the character and start enjoying the mayhem. It was nice to have the urban gang style missions for a change of pace too.

Anonymous said...

if you are a gamer, then this one should appeal to you:


Phil B

Bob Smith said...

Their ultimate purpose is to erase whites and men, not provide heroes for anybody. Leaving white heroes alone allows for the notion that whites can be heroes, which is anathema to the notion that whites are uniquely evil.

Anonymous said...

Affirmative action is entrenched in Hollywood. All kinds of female/ethnic producers were ushered to jobs via identity that are normally reserved for master storytellers. They are not storytellers at all. They have no creativity and it shows.

They feel threatened and just fall back on what got them there: identity. So their 'storytelling' is just boilerplate empowerment tales, indignation. It's everywhere in advertising, TV, movies.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if they actually tried to launch it as original independent game. Not as a spit in original Mafia fans direction.
And the whole "shoot 'em up, black hero!" thing (especially that scene with KKK from the trailer) is indeed very original and different from our world, sure.
Still better than some 300lbs african lesbian muslim transgender Supergirl.

LBD said...

I don't want to identify with ANY black characters.

Vader999 said...

To me, this whole drive for minority and female characters speaks of shallowness in ideas. People are running out of ideas, so they reach for the SJW microphone and try to appeal to liberals with one last gasp of air before their boat sinks and their franchises sink with them. I've seen movies, shows, and cartoons that had good minority and female characters. I've played games that had good minority and female characters; heck, any game that lets you make your own character literally counts as a game for minorities and females, because you can make your own soul brotha' or Miss Captain Superhero and do what white male heroes do. I'm pretty sure the need for black and female heroes was satisfied the moment some dude makes a black version of Darth Vader or a female version of Han Solo in Star Wars the Old Republic.

I think by the time I booted up Mass Effect, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, and Halo Reach, and I made female characters for all three of them, I crossed the sex line and can no longer be accused of being a sexist in videogames. I already created better female protagonists than whatever slop these wannabe progressives might make. Heck, I've even written stories for them that are far better than the slop Hollywood tries to shove down our throats now. I can safely say that I'm better than the people who write movies today. And I'm just some dumb-luck historian trying to make minimum wage doing freelance tutoring and teaching.

Bully for Mafia III for trying to come up with their own story.

Vader999 said...

Perhaps you can talk about Halo in your next post, Captain. Halo 5 has garnered quite the controversy. It also tries to appeal to SJWs by shoving in minority and female heroes even though they lack the charisma Cortana and Sgt. Johnson had.

aaron fan said...

I heard that the main villain in Mafia 3 bears an uncanny resemblance to a current politician:


So even this game gets the PC/SJW treatement.