Thursday, September 29, 2016

How Women Can Monetize Their Beauty

You can find other economic genius here.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Don't they already?
What about highly-paid models and actresses?
And even centerfolds?

LBD said...

Even peripheral involvement in the sex industry is a waste of youth and beauty since the personal toll is too high and it taints a woman's ability to transition to a more mainstream life later on. There are many jobs which require good looks whIch don't conflict with good character. For example, pharmaceutical sales reps are usually good looking young women, and the skills and contacts are transferable to a medical career. You learn medical terminology and make contacts with medical people.

Sales jobs can often be done part time. It's not as "easy" as being a webcam girl, but those webcam sessions will eventually surface when you least wish it--they are a permanent record of your slutty past. When something seems easy, there's usually a catch.

If we are headed for a new age of Victorianism as the pendulum swings from our present hedonistic age, as I believe it will, doubly so.