Friday, September 16, 2016

How a Good Wife or Girlfriend Can Help You Go MGTOW

Unlike feminism, the red pill community/manosphere advances.  We don't dwell in whatever injustices we face.  We don't navel gaze, obsessing about ourselves in the mirror.  And we sure as hell don't come up with 31 flavors of gender or faux academic concepts like "intersectionality."  The true natural state of all real men is advancement, and unlike our feminist counterparts we seek to progress and improve to the maximum extent that our lives, resources, and gile allow.

Part of this relentless march towards advancement is knowing when to close a chapter in our lives, for the wisdom we gained living it opens up a new one.  Be it the 17 year old who gets over his first true heartbreak, a 22 year old who dodges a false rape accusation, or a 45 year old who's fresh off his first divorce, it is just as important to move on from these experiences as it is to retain the wisdom they taught us.  But one of those chapters most men must invariably close and move on from is one we don't mind reading.  One that is actually a happy chapter (or so it seems at the time).  One we could very well dwell in for the rest of our lives.  And that chapter is your Playerhood Days.

This is not a lecture or a sermoning.  This is not a recommendation that you should quit goofing around, having fun, getting laid, and being a player.  And it certainly is not a call for you to "man up and marry those sluts."  It is merely a prediction your older brother Cappy knows is going to happen to most of you.

For fun as it is, jovial as it is, and exhilarating as it is, you WILL tire of the game.  You WILL tire of the chase.  You WILL get sick of going to bars.  And you will tire of spending ne'er-to-be-recovered hours on social media trying to land a date.  The novelty of slaying another piece of ass will wear thin and you will look at all the time you wasted chasing/tolerating/enduring/suffering painfully stupid and unimpressive girls just to get laid, and then ask yourself what greatness you could have achieved otherwise.  You will suffer from "player burnout" and thus this chapter of your life will come to an end.

MGTOW or Marriage...or Both?

This results in classical binary choice you must face.  Do you go "MGTOW," putting women at the bottom of the priority list, perhaps swearing off of them forever?  Or do you settle down, get married, and raise a family, or perhaps just get a steady, long term girlfriend?  The two seem mutually exclusive and diametrically opposed, but I contend there is a third option---that they are not only NOT mutually exclusive, but having a quality woman in your life CAN indeed help you truly go MGTOW.  Ergo, why not do both?

Understand man's need for sex and female company is not optional.  Certainly, harsh enough experiences and hostile enough environs are so punishing that truly going MGTOW can override these hard-wired preferences, making a boycott of women a better option.  But it still doesn't erase the genetic programming and hard-wiring you have to want sex and a woman in your life.  And to refuse to acknowledge these basal desires is as foolish as feminists saying women need men as much as fish need bicycles.  But, in an ironic twist of fate, actually going MGTOW can help you secure a wife/girlfriend that is "MGTOW compatible."  You simply set forth to live your life as you see fit and if a woman happens to come along your way AND can keep up, so be it.  Therefore, in doing so, it is theoretically possible to find a woman that is loving, caring, supporting, who can not only dramatically improve your life, but really help you go MGTOW and achieve all you can in life.

For example, take all the time you spend and have spent on the pursuit of women.  From puberty to today, how many hours, days, weeks and months of time, resources, and labor have you expended chasing (and then dealing with) them?  Also, how much psychological pain, torment, and bullshittery did you have to endure with their antics and games?  And what was the final life-time financial tab you've dropped on women?  How much in total financial resources did you expend on cover charges, drinks, foregone work opportunities, etc.?  Now imagine you never wasted this enormous amount of resources on girls in the past, but instead invested it in yourself?  Set forth in your own life?  You'd likely have a house paid off in cash.  A entrepreneurial empire.  Perhaps a herculean body and physique to boot.  Whatever it is, you'd at least have something to show for it and this is the argument for finding a good, quality woman in your life.

In making a quality, MGTOW-compatible woman part of your life, you satiate your biological and psychological needs for sex and female companionship.  You also quell whatever mental strife that comes without having one.  And if she is indeed quality, she would be a net financial asset, and not a liability.  This frees up your entire financial, mental, and physical resources which you can then focus and dedicate solely towards achieving greatness.  You are no longer distracted by women. You no longer have that scratch to itch.  And thus, though presumably mutually exclusive, having a good woman in your life could technically allow you to pursue the individual greatness that is the epitome of MGTOW.  Admittedly, it statistically unlikely, but to quote Dumb and Dumber, "So you're saying there's a chance!?"

Enter the Cult of VirginTOW and MSTOW (Men Sent Their Own Way)

Of course, you can predictably hear the spergy hearts of millions of VirginTOW's going into cardiac arrest.  As you read this right now, they are no doubt tripping over their key boards to bang away saying that getting married or having a (GASP!) woman in your life "is the COMPLETE ANTITHESIS of being MGTOW!!!!"  And though these self-proclaimed, purist authorities of MGTOW may have a literal point, you need to understand precisely who these people are so you don't let the Cult of MSTOW ruin the larger, and very important point being made in this post.

First, we know who these people are.  These are not real MGTOW's nor real men.  These are intellectual weaklings who abuse and use the term MGTOW as an excuse for their piss poor performance in life and their fear of rejection, toil, failure, and effort.  They are posers who have no value, and use MGTOW as a substitute for accomplishment, meaning, agency, and worth.  And like many professors in academia, they don't actually go MGTOW and do MGTOW things, but spend their time studying real MGTOW's claiming they're experts in the field.

Second, they are stuck in the "Chapter of MGTOW."  Every man has the red pill awakening and anger is a natural and called-for response.  You've been lied to.  You've been cheated.  And you should be enraged.  But inevitably you have to accept is for what is, and move on. Otherwise that is not progress, nor advancement, nor achievement.  It's merely the self-pitying navel-gazing that feminists do as they mire and waste their entire 80 years of life-expectancy on this planet.  Sadly, MSTOW's are functionally no different than feminists in this regard, rendering any opinions they have on the matter moot because why on god's Earth would you heed advice from them?

Third, their visceral and hate-filled reaction you will see in the comments section below is proof the above directly strikes at their biggest fear -  that they COULD HAVE had a good, quality woman in their life while still being MGTOW...but chose not to.  This reality is what really keeps them up at night.  That there IS a chance, perhaps even a decent one, they could find a MGTOW-compatible woman if they put forth the effort.  But the level of defeatism and fatalism they subscribe to (which I find ironic given a presumably strong and independent philosophy such as "Men Going Their Own Way") is again proof that laziness and fear are the strongest forces in their lives, trumping love, hope, and courage.  Deep down inside they still want women and would prefer a life with one, otherwise, why do they constantly obsess about being MGTOW so much?

Fourth, there's already proof women and MGTOW are compatible as genuine MGTOW's are currently married or dating women.  Roosh has made it no secret he wouldn't mind getting married or having children.  Adam Piggott, a man who has traveled, motorcycled, and kayaked the world, is married and is more MGTOW than the MGTOWiest of MGTOW's.  Yours truly has had the same girlfriend for 10 years.  And need I even mention veteran Manosphere founder Rollo Tomassi?  But wait, let me guess.  There's some 28 year old, 280 pound virgin MSTOW Pharisee on a MGTOW discussion board somewhere who's about to tell us we're not "real MGTOW's" and that MGTOW compatible women just don't exist.

The only problem is they do.

And you my dear reader, as an individual, have to reconcile this fact with purported purist MGTOW "doctrine."

The Fork in the Road

The possibility of women being part of the MGTOW life will cause a split that will become more apparent as time goes on.  In one camp will be the traditional theoreticians, academics, purist MSTOW's and VirginTOW's, still banging away in their discussion forums about how much they don't need women...just like they did 5 years ago...just like they're doing today...and just like they'll be doing 20 years from now.  They will be NO DIFFERENT than the feminists who have done the same since the 1970's because the movement has consumed them and they simply can't move on.  Their entire life will be defined, determined, and controlled by "MGTOW," so that in the end, while they're on their death beds, all they will be able to point to is "MGTOW" as their crowning achievement in life.  Sadly, that's not only NOT an achievement, it's one they failed to achieve as they never truly went their own way and lived a unique life.

In the second camp you will have the true MGTOW's, married or not, long term girlfriend or not, who are living their lives as they see fit.  If they want to get married and have kids, fine, they'll marry and have kids.  If they just want to jet set across the world, fine, they'll sip martinis in Macau and bang broads in Bangkok.  But where ever they are, and whatever they're doing, they're not going to be banging on their chests about being "MGTOW."  They will let their actions speak to who they are.  They will live a life that earns them that adjective.  And if living with a woman or getting married is their desire, they'll do it because that's what real MGTOW's do.  They live their lives as they see fit.  Alas, when they're on their deathbeds, they won't be pointing towards a title or a fake religion as their crowning achievement, but actual achievements living a MGTOW lifestyle allowed.

I humbly ask which lifestyle do you want?  Do you want to actually be a MGTOW and perhaps incorporate a loving woman into your life?  So be it.  Do you want to sit, stew, and waste your life in a self-pitying cult whose only definition is the exclusion of women as you award yourself fake awards, merit badges, and acronyms?  Fine, it's your life.  I merely want to present the case that MGTOW does not mean the exclusion of women from one's life, and that they can indeed (if you find the right one) make your life measurably better.  I also want to warn any prospective MGTOW's about the MSTOWs', purists', and VirginTOW keyboard warriors' false insistence women cannot be part of a MGTOW's life.  It's simply not true, and you do yourself no favors eliminating the option of having a woman in your life.

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Anonymous said...

I see a lot of truth in your words, Capps. That said, although theoretically possible, I'm not sure Mgtow compatible women exist in large enough numbers to think finding one wouldn't be as much accident as anything else.

I'm not saying I would not take a girlfriend if one came along, but, as you say, she would need to be an asset and not a drain on me in any way.

Marriage these days though seems pretty risky. I'd love for once to see the fundy types going apoplectic over same sex marriage to take a stand against what's really killing marriage, like no fault divorce and women not being held responsible for their misdeeds in family court. I have assets, about to start a business. If I knew I would get a fair shake in divorce court should the woman decide to act destructive, I'd be more open to it.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

"But where ever they are, and whatever they're doing, they're not going to be banging on their chests about being 'MGTOW' ..."

Somewhere in a suburban "community" in America, there's a little econo-shitbox car that could.

It's festooned with stickers openly advertising would-be SJW-ism for various dog-eared charities on one side, while the other advertises something entirely different.

On that other side, you can see a crudely made poster board with Web links to such Web sites as, "No Wife", and "Leykis 101".

Two thoughts came to mind ...

Does MGTOW in its "evangelist" mode turn into some sort of would-be SJW-ism in another form, effectively "proselytising" for the sake of "saving" men from their would-be damnation in another form?

Does it make sense to advertise MGTOW ideas in such a form, with something so crude, lacking any humour or sense of artistic style, on such a vehicle that you have to wonder why its owner couldn't buy a better vehicle or an outright shitbox simply for the example it provides?

Instantly I made a comparison between this poor vehicle, whose owner was hoping to attract yearning men wishing to set themselves free, and a reasonably powerful sports car I saw days before that had one thing to advertise boldly on its rear bumper: "TRUMP".

I'll take that person's zero-fucks-given, suck-it-up-buttercup-and-deal-with-it, go-trigger-yourself, truly going his own chosen way method of coping with present realities to this crap where I have to wonder why someone has to advertise that he's "such a good person" and why he thinks anyone has to give even one single fuck ...

Mister Econo-Shitbox needs to clean up his vehicle so he can sell it eventually.

Mister Making Sports Cars Great Again needs to enjoy his shit-eating grin and to Enjoy The Decline.

Anonymous said...

It's not quite what you recommend, but I find that occasional high end escorts are the best way to go. Unlike a wife, you can cut the budget when necessary. And the sex is DRAMATICALLY better.

luisman said...

Meh. You're a Red Pill'er, not a MGTOW. Why you insist being a MGTOW is beyond me, it's just a term on the internet, not a badge of honor or a ticket to bliss.

Red Pill guys are at least aware of the risks and dangers of being too close to women, but they decide to take the risk. That's OK, why lament about it?

MGTOW's just don't want to take the risk, either because they've been burned before or because they are too scared (VirginTOW). That's OK as well, but no reason for self-exaltation.

Anonymous said...

I take it that's 10 NON-monogamous years with the same girlfriend? If Rollo's wife actually has been faithful for 20 years (which - we do not really know, do we. He travels all the time for work so she has opportunity and we all know how easily women can take great deceits to the grave with ZFG). I don't know about Piggoty. But if you're talking monogamy here, you're in direct opposition to BlackDragon (Caleb Jones). Interested in your thoughts on this.

Nate Winchester said...

TL;DR version of cappy- proverbs 31:10-31