Wednesday, September 07, 2016

What Trucking Tells Us About the Economy

After posting the chart about rail car traffic being down, an Agent in the Field suggested I look at the "Cass Index" which is a measure for trucking volume in the country, and by gosh, it too also points to a very weak 2016!

Again, if I cared about the economy, I might look into this further.  But this is just additional proof we may be heading towards a recession.


Weak Stream said...

The last shot of refi/credit expansion has petered out. More stimulus, Dr. Keynes?

Faithless Cynic said...

Everything is OK Cappy. The mainstream media say everything is just peachy under the wise leadership of the Muslim Apologist of the USA. But wait! There's more! The USA will be even better under comrade Hillary. It must be true as the media told me so.

Anonymous said...

If Hillary and her broom get elected the media will portray the economy in glowing terms, if Trump gets in they will crash it by wildly exaggerating the already bad news.

Buy puts.