Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Episode #165 of The Clarey Podcast!

Man wasn't meant to stay in one place.
How is Sully a movie???
Black people talking in theater.
Renting rims means you've got bigger problems.
Fat acceptance is bankrupting Weight Watchers.
Hillary's Clinton - hope the bitch dies.
Why does body-positive Target offer diet pills?
Apple fucks you over again.


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mts1 said...

Having seen the movie, it's not a Poseidon Adventure or Towering Inferno disaster flick. Actually, the drama is downplayed, though the water landing is acted out in its entirety. Without spoiling, the gist of the movie is Sully and his co-pilot going with a fine toothed comb every action and decision (did I really do my best?), then of course the standard operating procedure of the government agency doing its post-incident review. Then the gov't of course turns that into a blamestorming session, and Sully's battle to prove the correctness of his decisions, the gov't using computer simulations in perfect conditions, evaluators having all day to think through while Sully had 83 seconds to do the same, is the drama point of the film. He brought a commercial passenger jet to an unprecedented water landing with minimal damage, and saved (with the help of quick responders who plucked the passengers before they spent any serious time in the freezing river) all 155 on board.

Of course gov't agencies turn all good ideas to crap, and this independent board whose job is to learn from incidents and wrecks so future pilots have more knowledge, and answers to the company if this pilot indeed was not negligent, tries to make him out to be free and easy with safety, which if is the final finding, ruin him with loss of job, pension, and his new airline safety consultant business.

Kind of like the twist in Camus' The Stranger, where the trial went from whether the guy killed an Algerian on a beach or should be hung for not mourning his mother enough.

Perfect movie for anyone fed up with the government taking reasonable policing and oversight and turning it into a witchhunt.

Anonymous said...

Another reason why horses are trouble:
I was searching for jobs, until I read a jobs as a carer. The employer describes he or she was riding a horse, and suddenly the irreversible lost of health happened. He does not know exactly how or why it happened.

Anonymous said...

Regarding renting rims, it is also an option one sees with the Hispanics here in Texas; not just a black thing. And some of them don't have a pot to piss in either at times.

Unknown said...

About that Caprice


Un Americano said...

Calling Hillary a bitch is an insult to dogs.

Albury Shifton said...

It's not like black people themselves aren't aware of that particular stereotype. Watch Scary Movie for the movie theatre sequence. Probably one of the funniest bits of the movie.